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Balloon cap

bottle cap with a ballon
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In the wake of others I too have decided to add my two cents worth to the issue of keeping your fizzy stuff fizzy.

Simple to use, quick and effective. Just place the cap on the bottle, squeeze the clip holding the mouth of the balloon closed and inflate. Internally the balloon fills the void space of the bottle keeping and dissolved CO2 in solution.

scubadooper, Apr 15 2005


       Neat idea. I've got to wonder whether this would be more effetive than simply pressurising the bottle, though.
st3f, Apr 15 2005

       Really it's just a simple way of pressurising the bottle. No fancy pumps etc, just a clip you squeeze at each end to open the neck of the balloon, and the power of your lungs.
scubadooper, Apr 16 2005


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