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Balsa wood-ish toilet paper

Balsa wood toilet paper
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I was reading the Ghost of the Grand Banks and thought the Titanic story could have had a very different outcome were the loo paper had been mostly balsa wood.

If it had, the passengers would simply wrap themselves in the loo roll, go over the side and wait for assistance.

not_morrison_rm, Jul 07 2019


       If it's used loo roll, that assistance is going to be a long, long time arriving ...
8th of 7, Jul 07 2019

       During WWII, when the Shetland islands were cut off from regular supplies, they briefly experimented with plywood loo paper.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 07 2019

       Didn't they just sit on their bums then scrape themselves across the rough grass? Donald Trump does this, only he sits on the carpet instead of the rough grass as his bum is too delicate, and someone has to drag him backwards and forwards, using his feet, as he can't manage on his own. It's called Skidooing.
xenzag, Jul 07 2019

       //Didn't they just sit on their bums then scrape themselves across the rough grass? // Most of the rough grass in the Shetlands at that time was being grazed intensively by sheep, as part of the war effort. The plywood loo paper was an effective stop-gap and, for a time, the War Ministry considered deploying it among front-line troops. In the end, though, circumstances changed and little if any of the stockpile was used by troops, although some found its way onto the black market. A little-known fact is that all of the Airspeed Horsa gliders that were manufactured at the Chelmsford factory had their fuselages skinned with loo- paper plywood, which was helically wound and glued in two layers.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 07 2019


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