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Banana-Plan Luggage

Suitcase that is banana-shaped in plan
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When carrying a heavy suitcase, what feels like three quarters of the energy one expends seems to go into holding the suitcase far enough from one's legs to enable one to walk. This is because a useful suitcase is invariably fatter than the plan distance between one's hand, when one's arm is hanging straight down, and the plan area swept by one's legs.

The intention of the banana-plan suitcase is to place the plan centre of mass of the loaded suitcase outside the plan area of the suitcase. The suitcase is "bent", i.e. it has a convex and a concave side, so that the handle may be placed so as to project slightly from the concave side. One may therefore carry the suitcase without holding one's arm away from one's body.

This handle position also allows for the handle to be lower than the top of the suitcase, making it easier to ensure ground clearance without hunching up one's shoulder on that side.

Walking with the suitcase should present no problem as long as one's steps are of a reasonable length, lest one kick the forward and rear edges that curve in towards one. Longer strides may be taken if one learns the habit of rotating the suitcase slightly with each step, an action that is much less tiring than holding a heavy suitcase out at an angle from one's body.

Ned_Ludd, Dec 10 2007

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       this won't work you know but a bun for the laugh.
po, Dec 10 2007

       I'm speaking under correction, [po], but I believe this is the first idea of mine you've annotated?
Ned_Ludd, Dec 10 2007

       I so need this. [+]
imaginality, Dec 10 2007

       Ned - I can only think that you must have been doing something right!
po, Dec 10 2007

       Where are the wheels? And can we have sleigh-dog attachments?
vincevincevince, Dec 10 2007

       Should work just fine. But why stop at a partial circumference? Toroidal step-in luggage is the next step! +
csea, Dec 10 2007

       Like [csea] said, but with braces and a cup holder.
marklar, Dec 10 2007

       Would that be banana or croissant shaped?
Noexit, Dec 10 2007

       What if your arms are already banana-like, i.e. short, curved, and with thick yellow skin that peels away to reveal a soft edible interior ?
8th of 7, Dec 10 2007

       Bad physics; shape mine like a cloud so it will float behind me; and "baked" in that baby carriers are already banana shaped though they still lay against you body.
MisterQED, Dec 10 2007

       // baby carriers are already banana shaped //   

       Is this for babies that started out banana-shaped or is it a sort of baby banana bonsai device ?
8th of 7, Dec 10 2007

       Reminds me of a large banana with a handle. "Excuse me sir, we have to examine your banana."
krigre55, Dec 10 2007


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