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Bank Note With Two Reinforced Holes on One Side

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Q. Why would you want your bank notes to have two reinforced holes on one side?

A. So that you can secure and carry them around in a mini ring binder type wallet.

xenzag, Oct 14 2009

(?) Ancient Chinese cash http://www.cartage....iew/chihli55600.jpg
With holes for stringing them together. [ldischler, Oct 15 2009]


       What about a wallet with an alligator clip inside it? Or an elastic band?
notmarkflynn, Oct 14 2009

       Ahhh, you should take a wodge of £50 notes into an good old fashioned bookbinder and have them properly sewn up with linen thread and encased in a gilt tooled leather binding.
pocmloc, Oct 15 2009

       What [pocmloc] (sort of) said - I'm a bit of a notebook junkie, and much prefer maintaining one of those for study, accounting, journals or for whatever else someone might otherwise wish to adopt a ring-binder based archival methodology than actually using a <pah> ugly, clicky ringbinder - don't you just hate that sound it makes when you clip it open - especially those non-lever-arch types - if currency notes go the same way, I want mine properly book-bound in a black leatherette jacket, interleaved with receipts and collected bits of ephemera - all in one conveniently pocketable unit.
zen_tom, Oct 15 2009

       Issue £5 notes like chequebooks - in books of 10, so you can just tear-off a fresh one
Dub, Oct 15 2009

       Only issue there is that, once torn they are loose.   

       What about a ferrous/magnetic strip down the long edge that loosely couples to other notes or a binder with a magnetic spine?
Jinbish, Oct 15 2009

       Wait! Did I hear someone say Velcro™ Money?
Jinbish, Oct 15 2009

       Might be worth checking the legal status of punching your own holes with a hole punch, and sticking on reinforcing rings? As long as the serial numbers were not removed, it might be acceptable. You'd have to carry a hole punch and a role of self adhesive reinforcers around with you.
pocmloc, Oct 15 2009

       Put the holes in a different position on each denomination. Where the other denominations have holes, put slots that open out to the edge. The Binder/Wallet could then have different sets of rings for each denomination, allowing for fast and easy sorting of money. (This would also provide a tactile cue for the blind, if your currency doesn't have one already). For those countries that have different sized notes, this works if you start by justifying the notes to one side.
MechE, Oct 15 2009

       Velcro (tm) money, I'd buy that!
Dub, Oct 15 2009

       I know that anyone can use a hole puncher to do this, but defacing bank notes is currently illegal, and could void the value of the note. The idea is to make the character and detailing of the holes part the security system of the banknote.
xenzag, Oct 16 2009

       Wouldn't the holes cause the cocaine to leak?
coprocephalous, Oct 16 2009

       If you cut + shaped slits you could fold back the flaps to make your holes, and then unfold them when passing on the note as currency. That should be permissible under most defacement laws? (though they are different in different countries).
pocmloc, Oct 16 2009


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