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Currency lottery

connect the serial numbers on a currency to a lottery
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A currency lottery, what format?

It would be easy to connect the serial numbers on a currency to a lottery. It would cut the expense of printing lottery tickets.

Example: You take two one dollar bills and put them in a machine like an automatic teller. The machine reads the serial numbers of both bills. Keeps one and gives you back a receipt and the other dollar. The one you get back becomes your lottery ticket.

At the end of the week the prizes are drawn from the pool of returned bill numbers and announced. You would use the "ticket" dollar to claim your prize. If you don't win, you still have a buck.

Random thoughts about such a scheme:

1. Any numbered currency could be used.

2. The government could use such a game to look for counterfeit. Tickets with numbers that were never printed or duplicate numbers might signal where to look hard for bogus bills.

3. Soap operas about misplaced, lost, confused, or stolen "ticket" dollars would be a fad for a while.

4. Inflation would pause a bit while people waited to see if they had won. Their "ticket" dollars temporarily worth more than a dollar.

popbottle, May 06 2013


       Brilliant. I suggest a postal version for those far from shops.   

       Simply post the dollar bills to me at the postal address below and you could be a millionaire!!! PO Box 17, Catford, London.
not_morrison_rm, May 06 2013


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