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Banners that flutter automatically

behind the banner there is fan, and fabric pockets. when you plug it in it automatically flutters increasing visual attentiveness, photovoltaic optional
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I have seen numerous static banners advertising things. Some are shaped like [==] if they moved around slightly people's movement tracking brain parts would notice them more. So, behind the [==] there could be a fan that billowed the banner. this could be done periodically with photovoltaics rather than have an electrical connection
beanangel, May 12 2017

AirDancers http://airdancers.com/
Prior art [notexactly, May 13 2017]

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       "people's movement tracking brain parts would notice them more"   

       Take it a step further and shape banners like natural predators.
normzone, May 12 2017

       [==] [===] [==]   

       [==] [===][==]   

       [==][==] [===]
popbottle, May 13 2017

       How do you ensure they all fluttered in the same direction?
pocmloc, May 13 2017

       Fluttering is a bit like flapping.   

       So, can they fly?
Wrongfellow, May 14 2017


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