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Bluetooth Advertising

advertising to your mobile via Bluetooth
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Bluetooth hubs in strategic locations send you pictures or videoclips to your mobile or 3G handset, when you're in close proximity.
shinobi, Mar 27 2004

(??) RTX Telecom (Denmark) http://wireless_eng...4E9E83?OpenDocument
Baking [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(??) Happy Software (UK) http://www.happysof...bluetoothAdvert.php
Baking [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Mobile Palm Repeater http://www.halfbake...e_20Palm_20Repeater
PalmOS IR version halfbaked by [Cedar Park] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Opt in Bluetooth Touchpoints http://www.breeze-t....uk/Touchpoints.htm
Requested content so no spamming - also sends compatible content, so if you can't view a video you'd receive an image instead. [isapgis, May 21 2006]

praefectus' link as a link. http://www.jellingspot.com
"Midletsoft's Jellingspot Platform provides an ultra dynamic and omnipresent customer relations tool to help facilitate symbiotic relationships between customers and businesses." Woohoo. But what's with the Viking? [jutta, May 21 2006]

Bluetooth Hotspots http://www.alterwave.com
During the summer, the communication agency DDB, the company JCDecaux, specialized in urban furniture, and the company Alterwave specialized in proximity marketing and advertising on mobile phones via Bluetooth, have set up the first mupy (standalone advertising panel) allowing the free download of a mobile phone ringtone, especially recorded for the fans of Porsche cars. [eracerbe, Aug 28 2006]

Bluetooth Advertising http://www.bluetooth-advertising.co.uk
Bluetooth Advertising - Mobile bluetooth marketing, the ability to send messages and images to mobiles phones over a distance of 100m without any additional cost. [niksimms, Sep 07 2006]

ProxiBlaster Bluetooth Advertising http://proxiblaster.com
Bluetooth advertising software and servers [proxiblaster, Jan 20 2008]

Proximity Advertising, Inc. www.Proximity-Ads.com
Bluetooth Marketing - Media Content Servers and other cutting-edge Interactive Marketing products. [proximity-ads, Mar 02 2009]


       and this is a good thing?
po, Mar 27 2004

       Are you a spam lover? Fishbone for you.
Nitehawk, Mar 27 2004

       Not a problem: I am not compatible with vlideclips.
gnomethang, Mar 27 2004

       what about bicycle clips?
po, Mar 27 2004

       They do chafe.
gnomethang, Mar 27 2004

bristolz, Mar 27 2004

       Better to go with an opt in option -- www.jellingspot.com
praefectus, Apr 16 2004

       okay, look. Who wants this? other than advertisers of course. Also, if phones were made so they couldn't block these ads, any hacker with the brains of a lower primate could hack it, jack the network, and use it to broadcast a virus r worm r something.
craziness, May 21 2006

       argh no no no no make the bad thing go away aaargh...
moomintroll, May 23 2006

       The best way I can think of for a company to advertise via bluetooth, would be to record a short, pointless video which happens to include their product in it. For example, a teenager using a drinks can as a toy rocket.
This could then be sent from phone to phone by anyone who recieves it under the guise of a teenager being a fool, but reminding people that they could do with a drink right about now...
fridge duck, May 23 2006

       I am deeply sorry. It has been succesfully baked.. The man deserves a bun.. I guess.. neah... Ill just send it via bluetooth when he gets here.. [-]
sweet, Aug 28 2006

       Contrary to popular belief most bluetooth advertising software and servers like proxiblaster.com are permission based meaning the receiver can elect to refuse the bluetooth advertisement . ProxiBlaster.com Bluetooth advertising software and servers take it a step further as once a bluetooth advertisement is refused , the software remembers this and does not send the bluetooth ad again .

visit http://proxiblaster.com to learn more
proxiblaster, Jan 01 2008

       //Contrary to popular belief most bluetooth advertising software and servers like proxiblaster.com are permission based meaning the receiver can elect to refuse the bluetooth advertisement //
Better that maybe they could decline even the "opportunity" in advance. [-]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 20 2008

       [proxiblaster] annotation and link [marked-for-deletion], advertising.
8th of 7, Jan 20 2008

       on the chaos communication congress, someone said there was a picture that when transmitted via bluetooth crashed the receiving phone.
erlehmann, Jan 20 2008

       Re: 8th of 7's mfd:   

       If you see advertising or spam, just send email, don't use marked-for-deletion. MFD is too slow and intended for people who care at least a little bit - advertisers usually don't.   

       That said, what *should* we do if proponents of an industry put a link on the idea that "invents" their industry? If it weren't so damn obvious, we'd be okay with it, right? The links are on topic; once you get past the keyword repetition, "proxiblaster" is actually saying something. Yeah, it's sort of advertise-y, but what exactly do we expect?
jutta, Jan 29 2008

       I guess it's a question of judgement and context. If the contribution is contributing to the discussion then fair enough. If its main purpose is to advertise something already well-known then it should go. It's the difference between someone saying "That's weird, my company actually *makes* electric lipsticks." and "Speaking of electric lipsticks, we have full range of make-up in neon colours at www....".
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 02 2008


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