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Baptismal whitewater log flume

Lots of holy water splashes and fun.
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Runs from the back of the church to the baptismal font/pool near the alter. Naturally the log is shaped like a blunted crucifix. Lots of holy water splashes and fun.
vfrackis, Jan 31 2011

All we need now is weddings. Theme_20park_20cemetery
[coprocephalous, Jan 31 2011]


       And then, at the end of the ride, you are dumped out of the 'log' for a full immersion (Denominationally-dependent).
Alx_xlA, Jan 31 2011

       ...and you collect your photo (for an extra payment).
hippo, Jan 31 2011

       All that volume of water isn't going to bless itself, you know - there'd have to be teams of priests on hand (carny-priests?). Or perhaps it could be homeopathetically blessed.
coprocephalous, Jan 31 2011

       I wonder how much water a single priest can properly bless in a given sitting - And by extension, whether you can apply to any given religious practitioner a measure of blessings/volume/time; Such statistics gathered, an efficiency-minded administrator might be better placed to identify his most performant clergy and redeploy them to maximum effect.
zen_tom, Jan 31 2011

       [+] I like it. Babies will need some duct tape to hold them in!
xandram, Jan 31 2011

       If it's this much fun, I may have to suddenly find religion and get myself baptised.[+]
st3f, Nov 26 2016

       // All that volume of water isn't going to bless itself, you know //   

       How much water can one priest bless at one go ? Is there an upper limit ?   

       Can an ordinary priest sanctify a whole tanker-full, or just a font ? Would that need a Bishop? For an entire reservoir, would it need the Pope ?
8th of 7, Nov 26 2016


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