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Church of Random

One church fits all
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A church devoid of all religious references where all who "feel the need", but are not that fussed who satisfies it, are welcome. Prior to the start of services a large vertical wheel is spun until its pointer stops at one of the hundreds of religions annotated around its circumference. From Anabaptism, through Cargo Cults, to Zen Buddhism, Church of Random has them all. Once the selection has been made, all the paraphernalia, associated with that particular belief rotates into place on a giant revolving stage, and the service begins in whatever form necessary to satisfy the requirements of the prevailing religion.

Not to be confused with: The Wheel of Fortune

What to avoid saying out loud: “My money’s on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence again”

xenzag, Oct 27 2005

UU History http://www.uua.org/aboutuu/history.html
UU History [csea, Oct 28 2005]


JesusHChrist, Oct 28 2005

       Could reduce attacks on religious buildings, the church someone attacks may be their own.
fridge duck, Oct 28 2005

       [JHC] Actually, it's Unitarian Universalism (the two merged in the early 1960s.) I sing in a UU choir, it's pretty cool to learn about different religious practices.   

       I have a bunch of Unitarian ancestors from the Boston area ca. 1740s. They tended to be the more educated and affluent of their day.   

       But then, I grew up in a small town (Los Alamos, NM - better known as the birthplace of the A-bomb) that had a church with a rotating altar for Jews (Saturday), Catholics (early Sunday,) and Protestants (later Sunday.)   

       Not sure I agree with the Category [public:population control]
csea, Oct 28 2005

       Could be used as a form of encryption. We could call it 'UUencode.'   

RayfordSteele, Oct 28 2005

       thanks to "Hidden Truths" for helpful feedback prior to posting. (cesa) - that's amazing and I would think fairly unique. I put it in to Population Control because that's what religions do. Will certainly consider an alternative if argument for it holds up.
xenzag, Oct 28 2005

       There will doubtless evolve a denomination whose "sacred duty" (liturgy, devotion, etc.) is to ride amount the wheel whilst pelted with religious icons.   

       That would be cool as a carnival act with the revolving lady and knife thrower and all
reensure, Oct 28 2005

       Tomorrow, the kids and I are observing Halloween. We’ll be at the Festival of the Dead in Salem, Massachusetts partaking in Spiritism, Wicca, Necromancy, etc. Seems appropriate.
Shz, Oct 30 2005

       Necromancy? Sounds like a hell of a party.
hidden truths, Oct 30 2005

       Hope you's in Mass. have your black thermal underwear in the dryer. It's colder than Hell's doorkeeper.
reensure, Oct 30 2005

       This is the sound of one cow clapping....sikh you here sikh you there.....
100 percent, Oct 30 2005

       Any relation to 1%?
blissmiss, Oct 30 2005

       //Sounds like a hell of a party//   

       It was excellent! We went through the witch museum, a couple haunted houses, danced to live music in the streets and cast spells in dark incense smoke filled basements. The temp was about 65F and it was sunny, which is perfect considering it snowed yesterday. I wore a t-shirt saying “Born Again Pagan”.
Shz, Oct 31 2005

       Shz turned me into a newt!   

       (I wish I had more of a following for the 'olidays I celebrate - the equinoxes & Solictices.)
Zimmy, Oct 31 2005

       This is a good idea. After all, every religion is the same. It's like acknowledging them all and making them all disappear at the same time. [+]
Pericles, Oct 31 2005

       I'm far too big to fit in 1 church.
sleeka, Oct 31 2005

       [sleeka] & I don't take Freud for more than an interesting side note (I assume.)
Zimmy, Oct 31 2005

       In Hinduism , at the end of a "Pooja" ( systematic prayers), we turn clockwise a full circle to denote that God is not the idol standing in front but is all around us, and in every entity.   

       Unfortunately most Hindus who do that just do it mechanically without knowing the true purpose.
kamathln, Nov 03 2005

       The same is true of much organised religion.
angel, Nov 03 2005


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