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Burqa magic trick

Magician wears burqa on train or bus where illegal
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When asked to remove the burqa, he does so, showing extreme pain, and a headless woman is seen, while the eyes inside the burqa move right and left and blood squirts out.
pashute, Aug 26 2014

woman cut in half revealed https://www.youtube...watch?v=uE7mdZiXMj8
[pashute, Aug 27 2014]

Sneezes head off https://www.youtube...watch?v=tsL_JDtVbww
[pashute, Aug 27 2014]

Solution for driving a car with a burqa https://www.youtube...watch?v=AlflZRGqL2I
[pashute, Aug 28 2014]

Burqa vs Chador http://www.theonion...oman-in-chador,169/
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Translation in anno https://www.youtube...watch?v=xZProF9u40A
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Stand up philospher https://www.youtube...UW0huk1DVz4&t=2m30s
The first unisex burqa [pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof Taase Biguim - Attack and make exblosion terror https://www.youtube...watch?v=1-Ouqp-YI-A
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - teletubbies version https://www.youtube...watch?v=zH5_aPPgtzU
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - a cappella version https://www.youtube...watch?v=66WHPzE3KBU
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - Chassidic version https://www.youtube...watch?v=fzSvYtNt8Ro
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - road runner version https://www.youtube...watch?v=qChTtGjy48k
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - Documentary of the recording of the song https://www.youtube...watch?v=TeaXKjQnkT4
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - sign language https://www.youtube...watch?v=tfBESdE7lpw
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - latin guitar version https://www.youtube...watch?v=lD9iIK3s11Y
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - cups version https://www.youtube...watch?v=XMPRh91YzwE
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - kids dancing https://www.youtube...watch?v=vL9jHkd2FBI
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - alarm clock prank https://www.youtube...watch?v=RNzA1M6jwjw
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - the cute version https://www.youtube...watch?v=CGuZgm2W2I0
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - IDF Reservists ready to enter Gaza https://www.youtube...watch?v=oV7y53gUvjs
Mixed with 'Salam' - an Israeli song with the Arabic word for Peace - about peace for us and for the entire world [pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Tkof - with English subtitles https://www.youtube...watch?v=h_xaKz7_6F8
[pashute, Aug 31 2014]

Naivety and Satire http://en.wikipedia...iki/Naivety#Culture
Naivety and satire, Baudrillard, rationalization and the rest. [rcarty, Sep 14 2014]


Sp: disturbing.
Or possibly horrifying.
Nauseating, perhaps?
Onlookers would definitely need therapy.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 26 2014

       I can accept the idea if it finds a proper category. This is not a religious ritual as proposed in this context.
normzone, Aug 26 2014

       Look, everyone knows that burkas have an eject function, it's the red handle.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 27 2014

       I can't believe it's not Burka...   

       This seems in bad taste given events in Gaza, Syria, France and anywhere where Burkas hide women and men.
4and20, Aug 27 2014

       The burka itself is in bad taste. In what other way can it be presented other than tasting quite badly.   

       I think to complete this idea the burka wearer must first draw a blade across the throat, then remove the head.
rcarty, Aug 27 2014

       /he does so/   

       So it is a dude in this burka after all. Part of the whole antiburka thing is concerns that underneath there might be a dude, no? With the bomb?   

       I think a dude messing with burkas and fake blood and Israeli cops is asking for a beatdown and probably deserving it.
bungston, Aug 27 2014

       We should send a a few thousand daleks wearing burkas to Isis. That'd confuse the heck out of 'em.
RayfordSteele, Aug 27 2014

       It is neither illegal in Gaza or in Israel to wear a burqa, so no Israeli cops involved.   

       This is a stunt to done a Burqa in France or Belgium. (I'm not sure about those but somehow remember them as the locations where the burqa was ruled out) Ok, I looked it up: Yup, Belgium and France.   

       Of course its part of a grand Zionist plot. We still haven't thought what the plot will achieve or why. But for a magician or youtuber it could bring in a good number of Likes.
pashute, Aug 27 2014

       Wearing a burqa is a religious ritual.   

       Playing a magic trick with this ritual will be adding some humor to a very exaggerated and touchy subject of religious ritual.   

       Also, fighting the Burqa is a religious ritual. A ritual of the liberal anti-religion religious guys like James Randi.
pashute, Aug 27 2014

       Better would be an image like Marilyn Monroe and the subway vent, but with a burka. It might need to be a stronger fan.
bungston, Aug 28 2014

       // Wearing a burqa is a religious ritual. //   

       In some cases, wearing a burqa is a good thing for everyone else. Take it off outdoors, and all the clocks stop, the milk goes sour, small birds fall dead from the sky, and dogs howl.   

       There are some people, both male and female, for whom burqas shoud be compulsory.
8th of 7, Aug 28 2014

       //like Marilyn Monroe and the subway vent, but with a burka. It might need to be a stronger fan.// I suspect this would just lead to inadvertent levitation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 28 2014

       Reading about Randi it occurs that an interpretation of Rand regarding the explosion detection affair that the libertarian individual imploded credulousness in collectives. This is the phenomena to which I have been referring regarding antithesis ironic actors in a discursive ideological regime. The affair with McCormick is firmly justified by years of civil precedent appealing to 'buyer beware', and an interpretation of Rand's Objectivism. That an invention so delivered can undermine some aspect of a collective or society's social order in this case 'credulousness' that extends into the ideological domain, corresponds to Rand's thesis. Randi is part of the broader ironic counter-culture of that is opposed to certain 'credulousness' that McCormick's satirical invention implodes the social when it ironically results in explosion. That Randi is opposed to McCormick exhibits the irony that someone's whose 'device' literally implodes and explodes the credulousness he is undermining is deemed less harmful then someone whose literal device, of scientific skepticism, is perhaps not meant to do, but necessarily produces the same thing. However, McCormick's actions can be framed within Rand's particular framework, and Randi's within rationalization of both thinking and behavior. SO while both McCormick's device and Randi's device and Rands device correspond to the same argument, they are opposed on the level of discursive regulation where Randi's scientific skepticism becomes the basis of an anti-Objectivist moral code. Thus, [pashute]'s unification of the ironic condition in his statement ''liberal anti-religion religious guys' is both correct and incorrect because Randi is in fact corresponding to scientific doctrines religiously and morally, but he is on the contrary opposed to 'liberal' or pure Objectivist satirical implosion.
rcarty, Aug 30 2014

       //Part of the whole antiburka thing is concerns that underneath there might be a dude//   

       Ah, I see... so this anti burqa thing in the press is really all about gender displacement discrimination then, explains a lot, especially when you consider who most of the people getting excited about it are.
Skewed, Aug 31 2014


       At least now I know who keeps sending me those e-mails.
FlyingToaster, Aug 31 2014

       Who is McCormick? I searched the web first looking for Randi McCormick and found a woman by that name, a professor of biology, at the McCormick institute.   

       Then looked up McCormick Explosion Detection and learned from the BBC that the fraudulent bomb detection device sold to the UK and used in Iraq, made by Jim or James McCormick and exposed by James Randi, was finally taken to the court and the man was put in jail.   

       So we learn that:
a. Bad science can kill
b. Some bad scientists get their due punishment, but only after killing people with their device
c. Most don't
d. In some people's eyes, defining a magic trick as the religious ritual of skeptics, may be harmful to the cause of discovering the truth about the world.
e. In my eyes, to the contrary, humor is a healthy tool especially when it is used against brutality and oppression (such as the "obligation" to done Burqas), and self humor about skeptics only serves to enhance this robust and healthy attitude.

       Seriously, (TIC) in actuality, the Burqa serves to FREE the Muslim woman and allow her to ride in public transportation or walk the streets, in contrast with the Sharia laws which have her otherwise constricted to her home and allowed to leave only in extreme cases of need such as being taken to her new home and wedding place after being sold to another family for a fair price.
pashute, Aug 31 2014

       [bigsleep] did you just invent burka dating? (link)
pashute, Aug 31 2014

       Yes I got it the first time with the 'small window of opportunity'.   

       Anyway, heres the translation of the link about dating for character:   

       Listen I have a girl for you.
Her name is Limor. She's really really beautiful, she has blue eyes, she's tall, her hair is like dark, very very impressive, really, her face is very nice, people on the street turn their heads after her, many try to start up with her, even though they have no idea what she's like. Nothing doing! I tell you, she looks like a million dollars. A supermodel. A flower.
Anything else you want to know?
Basically it sounds neat...
Great, wonderful! So I'll give you her number!
Er.. just maybe before that... I don't feel so comfortable about it, but I must ask, how is she...
How is she What?
Again, not that everything relies on it, but er... how's her character?
She's OK. Listen, She's not the feature queen of character, OK, she helps out and all that, but she doesn't volunteer at the Red Star of David (equivalent to the Red Cross, in Israel) and with disabled people and all that, but she also won't go out and kill people, OK? She also doesn't hit too much, I think...
Of course, of course, I didn't mean that she hits... Erm, perhaps you have a feature of her that I can see?
Yes of course!
[Shows image of a robber, the candidate's eyes bulge out, the proposer turns the image and looks at it]
Oh no! This isn't the best feature of hers.
What is this feature?
[fumbling between images] I have, I have something, for sure...
Listen, I'll get back to you, I'll do my own checking out and get back to you...
Its a shame! Its a real old feature of her!
Maybe she robbed a gentile?! Its robbing of a gentile!

       Note: This satire is by a group of young religious Jews, who poke fun with self humor at young religious Jews' behavior. The last line in this skit is poking fun at those who hold a permissive attitude towards stealing although they know its a transgression of Jewish law and faith to rob or steal from a non-Jew.   

       The main point is about dating with the woman's characteristics being the most important part of the meeting, and seeing the woman's picture being only of secondary importance, which is how we would like to depict things in reality.
pashute, Aug 31 2014

       [pashute] in my opinion your idea 'burqa magic trick' combines 'terror', brutality of decapitation, and the issue of the burqa in public as a satirical argument against a certain naive way of thinking of 'a collective', that it is in the form of a magic trick is a clever device to say the person who sees this spectacle (or the entire spectacle of radical Islam) should be in disbelief.   

       Now, your idea is not scientific skepticism, but it is a satire that critiques the same religiosity as scientific skepticism equally suggesting the viewer should be in disbelief. However, as you say scientific skepticism uses magic tricks in a ritual way to enforce beliefs of science that are often contrary to religion and naive credulousness.   

       Ok, but the problem is that science and scientific doctrines also become religious which makes other types of thinking that don't correspond immoral. For example performing a magic trick and claiming to have psychic powers is considered immoral. Or, and this is my point of contention, building a fake bomb detector to sell to credulous people is considered immoral by the doctrines of science.   

       But from a libertarian perspective why can't he make a device that opposes both of these as a REAL satirical device. The fake bomb detector mocks the religious credulousness of the countries he sold it to, and is against the scientific skepticism of the country he lives in whose mandate includes securing Iraq after a century or so of Imperialism/ oil exploration in that region.   

       In my opinion he, McCormick, is the perfect example of an Objectivist, the nonscientific doctrine of Ayn Rand, who worked for this own interest despite the collective constraints on his liberty. He is selling a magic trick and saying it runs on psychic powers. He is not 'rationalized' by his collective, and he is selling a device to a collective that is not 'rationalized'. I see no crime there, only someone who is defying scientific religious order, and mocking religious religious order. He did not kill anyone.   

       In fact, it could be said he saved the lives of the checkpoint soldiers who would have died the instant a bomb was detected if the device really worked. Therefore, the device kept the checkpoints operating smoothly, finding fugitives, other contraband, but didn't detect the bombs which there is no other technology that could have done so. Certainly airports have advanced scanners for detecting all substances but these would not be available at a roadside checkpoint. So really the device didn't do what no other device could do, and added a small deterrence effect. Ultimately McCormick was prosecuted for violating the scientific religious morality of his collective, for not presenting his magic trick like Randi as scientific skepticism, but instead chose liberty over his collective's values.
rcarty, Aug 31 2014

       Actually, I don't think that looking at the burqa or at decapitations, is in any way naive.   

       I think both are brutal, one prolonged and one horribly immediate, and I think that any population that has anything good to say about it is horrible and brutal.   

       One way to fight their brutality is through humor.   

       Another is to fight it. The two actually complement each other.   

       During our recent fight the Hamas put out a song saying: "Atack! Make terror bombings! ... Kill off all the Zionists!" translated to Hebrew with Google-Translate and sung with a heavy accent. There are videos online with girls from Tel Aviv dancing to it, with soldiers ready to enter Gaza singing it loudly off key, parodies of the words, Hassidic music style covers and altogether it was a "great moral success".
pashute, Aug 31 2014

       I say naive because any and all arguments, and your work of satire is a type of rhetorical argument, makes the accusation that the opposing viewpoint is naive. Of course the burka wearer, the decapitator, the terrorist is naive and anyone who views this spectacle without disbelief is naive, that this stupidity could somehow reflect the natural order of things.   

       OK so your links show that the Israelis adopt the Hamas propaganda song in an ironic way. It shows that the people have a sense of irony, and can comprehend a meaning beyond the very literal, therefore having a sense of humor about something serious in nature. If anything it turns the Hamas psychological weapon into something to create cheer instead of being demoralizing which it would do if someone just became enraged by it.   

       But I think I want to clarify my position about what I think Ayn Rand means and why I mention it. In my opinion she is not against 'collectivism' as the sole collectivism. I think that interpretation does damage to Israeli collectives, a movement she might have ideologically opposed, but by no means is the sole collectivization. But collective is really just another term for some kind of society which Rand also includes democratic society in. Really once a person sees 'collective' as meaning any society that is somehow constraining on individual liberty, and not just a literal collective like a Kibbutz then they can begin to pursue liberty and not just criticize communal institutions they don't understand. And if you really want to do justice to Rand's work focus primarily on fascist collectivism.   

       Let me refer to another contemporary Rand adherent Marc Emery, who actually espouses Rand unlike McCormick who might just be inadvertently 'objectivist'. Emery sold marijuana seeds in the US and did jail time there, his actions being against the 'collective' authority in the US. However, Rand's thesis was again proved because even before Emery could be released from jail his anti-collective efforts largely resulted in cannabis being decriminalized in several states, and the movement for decriminalization or LIBERTY, continues to grow.   

       How does this pertain to McCormick, Rand, Randi, and your idea [pashute]? Consider that just like McCormick, Emery produced a satirical device, marijuana seeds, that undermines the collective. Now much of the opposition to marijuana is scientific religious moralism. Health science constrains liberty inside tremendous collective power, especially in reference to socio-pathology and addiction and mental health. Marijuana makes light of health science morality and its collectivists, and says why not become a little mentally ill, deteriorate a little physically, and have a little fun instead of being so serious about health science, and the overall rationalization of society in terms of medicine and law.
rcarty, Aug 31 2014

       So bad science is good?   

       Is war peace?   

       Are you off the weed?
pashute, Aug 31 2014

       Bad science is not good, obviously the doctrines of racial discrimination were scientific bad science. Obviously defending McCormick is a little difficult, but he did make sure to make outlandish claims, and explain his device using bad science. If he sold a bunch of fake fire detectors that were just empty plastic cases to some families and they died as a result it wouldn't be the same thing because people know that fire alarms already exist, and most people would not question its mechanisms. That's the difference in my opinion, he said a bunch of unbelievable stuff about a product that doesn't exist and has no equivalent of comparison and sold it based on how he would imagine it would work based on the design, through static electricity, no batteries, the essences of physical matter, etc. If you equate the bad science of that to the doctrines of racial discrimination I would still argue that whoever buys into them may in fact deserve whatever repercussions the implosion of meaning creates. That doesn't mean I can't sell the book.   

       That goes to answer the second question is "war peace". That would be ironic, wouldn't it, if they were the same? I suppose they could be ironically combined as in saying a prolonged period of calm tension is peace-war and a momentary break in bombings as war-peace. Of course the student uprisings of the sixties was possibly peace-war, and the Cold War between Soviet and Western states was war-peace, the Bomb about to fall anytime. So I think each word, peace and war, cannot be equal because they are somewhat ironic or disharmonious in combination, but the meaninglessness is differential depending how they are placed in combination. So while the terms can be unified, it is done so ironically instead of analogously.   

       And am I off the weed? Not all the time, no.
rcarty, Aug 31 2014

       Read 1984.   

       Read Risks Associated With Complementary And Alternative Medicine (CAM) on ScienceBasedMedicine.com   

       Read Respectful Insolence on ScienceBlog.com   

       Read Deaths Associated with Hypocalcemia from Chelation Therapy at CDC.gov   

       I really don't understand how, following this evidence, people who continue to advance these theories are not charged with advocating murder.
pashute, Sep 01 2014

       A magician with a burqa
tried his trick on way to work a
bit too early in the day
to the magicians dismay
he was shot by a cop with a McCormick a
(...device that detects bombs where there are nay)
pashute, Sep 01 2014

       //Chelation therapy   

       Not anything to do with turtles, to my disappointment...   

       Did however lead to me checking out a wiki and discovering "gold toxicity". A malady which. given my usual salary. I will never experience.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 01 2014

       Lets invent together "ash therapy" using overcooked rice. Because the smoke is dangerous, you should not make this at home, but only use the Crisp Burned Ash (TM) organic whole rice ash, for therapy. Also it should be mixed with the correct proportions with HHO rich natural water from our factory, if any medical efficiency is expected. The best is to have it administered on the back of you ears and intranasseally (through the nose) once a month by our specially trained nurse (who was formerly an extremely thin magazine model and who treated her own self-image problem with our methods and is now happily obese).
pashute, Sep 02 2014

       That's actually rather less bizarre and more credible than most of the stuff showcased on the Shopping Channel or QVC ... which is quite worrying.
8th of 7, Sep 14 2014


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