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Bar-Coded Menus

Ideal for travelers
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Here's a great way for restaurants around the world to solve the problem of foreign visitors who can't read their menus: Each menu has a bar-code version, which the visitor can scan with a special pocket-size device that translates it into his/her own language. The visitor need scan only the bar codes that look particularly appetizing.
Ander, Jul 26 2000


       Or just put 'em in English... everyone reads English...   

       (Just kidding, mostly.)
egnor, Jul 26 2000

       yet another function for your palm pilot!!
interpreter, Jul 27 2000

       The opposite of this would be great at IHOP and other restaurants that have waiters with low IQs. All waiter has to do is scan in what you point at and take it to the cook.
da5id, Aug 05 2000

       Or we could just set up user terminals at the tables where you place your order via touch-pad.
sorrow786, May 15 2001

       ::kicks self so no one else has to::
sorrow786, May 15 2001

       <sign on back of sorrow786>KICK ME!</sign on back of sorrow786>
thumbwax, May 16 2001


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