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Barrel Venting for non-lethal weapons

Add a vent to projectile based non-lethal weapons
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Conventional projectile based non-lethal weapons are lethal at closer ranges because the beanbag/gelatin round is traveling to fast. As a temporary solution, a vent could be added, that would direct the gases powering the round through an exhaust pipe where it is cooled and directed to the side of the gun.

A toggle (located next to the safety) would let the police officer open/close the vent, varying the power.

This could be done to most shotguns, and could save lives where a short range non-lethal weapon is needed and only traditional methods are available.

thelambs, Jan 11 2004


       Police officers do'nt have time to think,do I want to kill this guy who wants to kill me or just hurt him? Why adjust the weapon? Kill the scum.(and have a nice day).
python, Jan 11 2004

       thats what they get for protesting violently instead of actually trying to solve the problem...
Space-Pope, Jan 11 2004

       No one said it couldn't look like a giant orange vacume cleaner...   

       And the point was to have the option of short or long range. It would be better than no option at all would it not?
thelambs, Jan 11 2004

       Saw a show on the discovery channel which had a range finder to find the distance to a target and shoot a ring airfoil round with the apropriat amount of force, this could be used to adjust power automatically, lowering user error.
thelambs, Feb 21 2004

       Or you could have a rangefinder on the camera which detects the distance to the target, then you adjust a dial to the correct distance, and if you don't guess correctly, the gun wouldn't fire. this would eventually lead to a vast improvement in police officers's ability to estimate accurately. Might even weed out the dumb ones.
whatastrangeperson, Apr 01 2004

       [SP] Police officers don't only shoot at non-violent protesters. I don't want to wind up dead for expressing my opinion publicly.   

       I think this is a great idea. I think an on/off toggle wouldn't be too tough to operate. Let the default be close range.
Worldgineer, Apr 01 2004


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