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Deodorant by paintball gun

As a punishment for not using any.
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There are a few co-workers of mine that just don't get the message that they stink and need to wear deodorant. A proper penalty should be enforced: application of deodorant by paintball gun.

First offense will catch them off guard. Second will be with a half second warning, to the crotch. third and final, they'll take off their shirt and we'll shoot him in the armpit.

I feel better already.

twitch, Jan 13 2009

this is similar to my idea... deodorant_20pistols
[xandram, Jan 13 2009]


       [marked for deodorant]   

       'It's nothing personal, just business'. Erm, I meant, 'this is nuthin biz, just personal'!
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 13 2009

       //don't get the message that they stink\\   

       That is because you didn't tell them, did you?
zeno, Jan 15 2009

       It's not my job. I said it. And I think that this is a message in itself. One they will never forget.
twitch, Jan 15 2009


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