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Bath soap with LED light

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A bar of translucent bath soap with a superbright SMD LED and battery embedded in the centre.

When the bar is moved, a motion detector triggers the LED to flash very brightly for five seconds.

Should the soap fall into the bath water, any agitation that causes it to move will immediately reveal its location.

Available now by mail order, at major department stores, and some artisan cake shops*.

* We have no idea why, what they sell is up to them.

8th of 7, May 05 2017


       Add little loops at the ends of the LED light to make repurposing easier, after the soap has dwindled.   

       If you make some red and some white, people will attach the LEDs to bikes (why are bike lights so expensive?!).   

       Make Lassie's job easier: attach a blue LED to Timmy, who's always falling down the well.   

       [+] psychedelic shower experience during a power outage.
Sgt Teacup, May 05 2017

       Is this your alternative ending to that old joke about a couple of nuns sharing a bath?
EnochLives, May 05 2017

       This has solved my one problem with showering in the dark. I can find everything else.
bungston, May 05 2017

       //that old joke about a couple of nuns sharing a bath?//   

       Ha! Nobody ever gets that joke.   

       You need a braided fiber optic cable with which to attach a glow-soap-on-a-rope.   

       // . I can find everything else. //   

       So you claim. There's abundant evidence to support the conclusion that you can't find your backside with both hands ....
8th of 7, May 06 2017

       Perhaps a very light pink color would be a beauty soap, causing things it was applied to be lit up like those soft pink beauty lights. Also, there is a change you could use two harmless electrolyte tubes and some carbon fiber strips to energize it, so almost the whole thing can melt away.
beanangel, May 06 2017

       What happens if you step on it? You've discovered bathing [8th]?   

po, May 06 2017

       Well as long as there is no camera in the soap.
popbottle, May 06 2017

       So, [pop], how much will you pay for there not to be a camera in the soap any more ?   

       // What happens if you step on it? //   

       You walk lightly ? //   

       // You've discovered bathing [8th]? //   

       No, we've discovered a market opportunity. Bathing is unnecessary for us.
8th of 7, May 07 2017

       [+] There exits a solid ball made of synthetic rubber, which upon rapid deceleration (bouncing) flashes an LED. Perhaps the device could detect when the soap is dropped, and stay lit longer.
ed, May 07 2017


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