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Carmen Electra-Sol®

Same Great Product. Great New Package.
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The routine of cleaning the pots and pans would be a lot more pleasant if the manufacturers of this popular dishwasher detergent would market it in squeezable lifelike containers modeled after the gorgeous star of Baywatch and Scary Movie.
The Military, Jun 19 2001


       So, is the soap a nasal discharge or what?
Dog Ed, Jun 20 2001

       [Re Peter's link] If that's what Carmen Electra looks like to you, you need an opthamologist ASAP.
Uncle Nutsy, Jun 20 2001

       Nice pun. Is this to get more guys to do the dishes?
Reverend D, Jun 20 2001

       [UN] I can understand a guy not knowing detergent from maple syrup. But Carmen Electra from "unnamed models"?   

       [RD] What's a pun?
The Military, Jun 21 2001

       When referring to one's own mum, I believe it is customary to capitalize the endearment.
The Military, Jun 21 2001

       Electra sol dishwasher detergent,...whats with the dificult to remove lid?Is this supposed to keep the product fresher fpr consumption?Like the product,...hate the packaging,get a new package contractor,...Werner
wemwirth, Dec 19 2002

       You call this packaging? Bet the folks in the retirement home love ya,...the wife
wemwirth, Dec 19 2002

       Sorry but I'd need more of an insentive than squeezing a miniature Carmen Electra to get me to delve around in a tepid sink full of sharp knives and leftover food goo. A far better idea I think, would be Porno-Plates. These would be accompanied by Porno-Pots, Porno-Pans etc etc. The idea is, as you scrub the hardened remenants of your supper off, sexually arousing images are revealed. I'd be a little more willing to do the washing up were this the case. But then that's just me. It wouldnt nessecarily have to be porn mind you.
Laser Flannel, Dec 20 2002

       School's out
thumbwax, Dec 20 2002

       I couldn't use that in the shower. her face would come off and I would never be able to watch her in a movie the same way.   

       Porno-Plates... The only dinnerware that gets dirty when you clean it...   

       Bachelor pads would suddenly have the most spotless plates and pans in the world... well, except for that white stuff... I'm beginning to see why this hasn't been done on a large scale yet.
ye_river_xiv, Oct 14 2006

       //guess who's wife is in the "uncomfortable" term of pregnancy.//   

       And your desperation has led you to think about pornagraphic margarine? That's not right. You are a little sicko.   

       Hmmm, tell me more, I'm intrigued...
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 14 2006

       BTW- Congrats!
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 14 2006


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