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crazy soap

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soap never ever seems to finish. that sliver of soap goes on and on and on and on.

it’s a bit like that old brain teaser where if you walk half way to the door each time you never get there. no, its nothing like that – forget I said that.

I always think its prudent to just use up that old slimy sliver today and open up the lovely new fresh sweet smelling expensive one tomorrow. its like groundhog day all over again & being wasteful is a sin after all.

crazy soap stops all that; hidden inside this soap, right in the middle is a big fizzy bath bomb. HA! You never quite know when its going to go off and the apprehension is exciting in itself but the soap just reaches some sort of critical mass and BOOM!

the bathbomb contain oils and perfumes and moisturisers and all sorts of girly stuff. I suppose party poppers are quite out of the question but lets not be greedy.

po, Aug 31 2003

Don't eat the soap. http://www.poprockscandy.com/faq.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Bang! http://www.gagworks.com/gwp_0385.htm
Exploding soap. You don't even get to start using it, though. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

make your own. http://www.ncf.ca/~aj471/BathBombs.html
suggest wrapping it in say, rice paper before inserting into a homemade bar of soap. [po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Lush http://www.lush.com/
They do the yummiest smelliest soaps and bath bombs [madradish, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I think this is a brilliant idea and I want some now. We would have to be careful not to get tiny slivers of exploding soap in our eyes, so some sort of protective eyewear should be worn.
pussygalore, Aug 31 2003

       Great gag gift.
You could load the middle up with Pop Rocks. Talk about exfoliating.

       thank you blissy. goggles are not required, there is nothing harmful, no nasty chemicals, no glass, no nitro-glycerine, no animals were experimented on - blah blah blah.
po, Aug 31 2003

       // bathbomb contain oils and perfumes and moisturisers and all sorts of girly stuff //   

       To most guys, that stuff burns just as bad as sulfuric acid and radioactive waste...
DeathNinja, Aug 31 2003

       you're not a modern ninja then?
po, Aug 31 2003

       I said most guys ;)
DeathNinja, Aug 31 2003

       I'm sure DN has silky-smooth skin as he stealthily slices his enemies into oblivion...   

       "Take two bottles into the shower? Not me. I just slash and go..."   

       Like everything else these days, the hired assassin business is all about image. You want to fade into the shadows, but in a stylish kinda way.
lostdog, Aug 31 2003

       Reminds me of that Jerry Seinfeld bit where he talks about the people who do the Vulcan mind meld of that last sliver to the new piece of soap.   

       He figures that they're saving so much soap in their lifetime, they could just start giving it away.   

       "Wow, that Jerry's a great guy!"
"Yeah, he sure has a lot of soap!"
Cedar Park, Aug 31 2003

       // You want to fade into the shadows //   

       I actually sort of...strut.. into the shadows nowadays. With a little head bob, like I'm listening to the new P Diddy. My ninja sword all loose and baggy, big 'ol gold shuriken on a fat gold chain around my neck. Smooth.
DeathNinja, Aug 31 2003

       bling schwing...   

       Slice, thud.
lostdog, Aug 31 2003

       If you were trying to grab the soap in the bathtup, you might crush it too early... with hilarious results... And the pop rocks idea would be great...
ortazel, Sep 01 2003

       i'll give this a + for novelty value, but i'm terrified of what would happen if i was using the soap on my scrotum when it went off.
rodti, Sep 01 2003

       Pop-rocks, tcg?
egbert, Sep 01 2003

       I find that if you slice the new bar into soap slivers right away, you use them at lot more sparingly, and therefore save big bucks while better reaching all the cracks and crannies.
FarmerJohn, Sep 01 2003

       no rocks were hurt in the experimental stages of this..
po, Sep 01 2003

       Top Quality [po]
gnomethang, Sep 02 2003

       At first I misread the title as "Crazy SOUP", but then I started reading and thought for sure it would be like Lisa Simpson's inventive ball of leftover soap slivers. Then I read the part about the bomb and all I could imagine is getting hurt by it. Scary Soap, anyone?
XSarenkaX, Sep 05 2003

       Not much use in the shower, methinks...
DrCurry, Sep 05 2003

       it would be one of thoes "I want the nasty cereal just for the cool toy" kinda things ... or like "must kill neighbors to eat their sweet-sweet brains" ... I'd just snap it in half and toss it in my neighbor's backyard pool ...
Letsbuildafort, Sep 05 2003

       Him: <yells from the bathroom> Pluter, what did you do that for?
Me: What’s that honey?
Him: You left a bomb in the shower.
Me: I did what? <I think, what does he mean ‘bomb’? Now I’m expecting something really bad.>
Him: The soap. It exploded.
Me: <I laugh> Oh that, that’s just something I got from Po.
Him: It’s covered me with perfume, I can’t go out bowling like this!
Me: <I realize that this is serious> How ‘bout just spraying on some WD-40?
Me: Well?
Him: Yeah, that worked...
pluterday, Sep 05 2003

       Oh YES! I want one of these. I'm a huge fan of bath bombs.   

       [Po] you ought to suggest this to the people at Lush (linkie). They might bake it for you.
madradish, Sep 05 2003

       I very much like Unabubba's adaptation for the children.
po, Sep 06 2003

       I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought about applying WD40 as cologne
Letsbuildafort, Dec 03 2003

       Exploding soap sounds great. Put some thumbtacks in it and you could have a winner. Gotta have shrapnel...
Captain_Ignorant, Dec 03 2003

       Smoke should rise from it a few seconds before exploding. "It's live!" (diving into bath as I toss crazy soap over the shower curtain)
Worldgineer, Dec 03 2003

       As one brave cadet dove on the hostile bar of soap, and saved the rest of the squad from a gruesome, prefumy fate ... his memory lives on in the hearts of those that were there that fateful day ...
Letsbuildafort, Dec 03 2003

       What about filling the middle of the soap with iodine or something else that stains skin so you throw out the scummy sliver to avoid being marked. A good way to remind you that you are runnning out of soap and need a new one.
Captain_Ignorant, Dec 03 2003

       This would be great to have as a gift, to give. People get into a nice little habit when all of a sudden FASHIZZZZZ!!! (as far as I understand from the link bath bombs don’t really go boom they rapidly fizz) the soap explodes in an explosion of bubbles.   

       The link that [po] put up has instructions on how to make one. So I guess one would make one into a small mould, dip it in paraffin (sometimes people leave soap in the bathtub so it becomes all mushy, so a layer of wax would stop the soap from going off from being left in the tub overnight.
thelambs, Dec 03 2003

       "Fire in the hole!"
dobtabulous, Dec 04 2003

       my only question is what happens if it explodes while you're washing?
schnaos, Mar 02 2004

       there are some days, when I think it just might be a pleasant distraction.
po, Mar 03 2004

Letsbuildafort, Mar 03 2004

       [dobtabulus] One word. ow. just ow. And WD 40 maight make a great cologne, letsbuildafort, but not in church the fumes would light the candles and you would go down in a blazing ball of WD 40 and Christ's flame. actually that sounds fun.   

       I'm thinking about substituting this for the soap at my friends house. His girlfriend would get a scream out of this.
DesertFox, Jun 29 2004


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