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Bathroom Funk Indicator

good lord man, what did you eat?!?!
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this is simple one. I propose an indicator light outside the door of mens rooms attached to a pressure sensor on the toiletseats inside that will light when someone is sitting down, and possibly stay on for about 15 minutes after after they rise. this way, we can either enter with caution, knowing to expect foulness, or avoid this restroom all together.
bleh, Mar 06 2006


       yeah, men are smelly! agreed?   

       who the feck is infiltrating the *ladies*
po, Mar 06 2006

       Perhaps there could be a button on the door for a prospective user to press; doing so emits a tiny waft of air from the inside so the visitor can decide whether it's safe to enter.
phundug, Mar 06 2006

       poo, phundug - lets hold it for now!
po, Mar 06 2006

       phundug -- That could work, but then you are still faced with the possibility of a nosefull of malodorus funk. also, retrofitting the pressure sensors and light may be a little less labor intensive.
bleh, Mar 06 2006

       id hate to be standing next to the vent when that happens. again, i was thinking of something easily retrofitable and practical. but i like where your head is at.
bleh, Mar 06 2006

       Panhandlers might offer to sample the bathroom stall and advise you, for a fee.
phundug, Mar 06 2006

       I once had to take a shower right after a visiting guest used my toilet. The fumes were so extreme that I barely remember what happened. An early warning system would have been useful. And I suppose that the system could go through a series of weekly tests. "...this is a test of the emergency bathroom system. If this was an ACTUAL emergency..."
Jscotty, Mar 07 2006

       Does mysandry warrant an mfd yet? Change all references to "men" into "people", figure out a way to tell the difference between numbers 1 and 2 (yes, men DO sit down just to pee, for a variety of reasons) and you'll get my croissant.
egbert, Mar 07 2006

       And here was me with a picture in my head of a guy with an afro and an electric bass making my ablutions just that bit more hip.   

       <Wakka wakka>
squeak, Mar 08 2006


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