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Protect your "personal" toilet seat
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Have a favorite toilet stall at your workplace? Don't want other people peeing all over it before you use it?

Simply go in there early in the morning and spray the toilet seat liberally with Ureeno, a yellow liquid that looks just like droplets of pee. Spray some on the floor in front of the toilet, too.

This sight will make prospective urinators quite repulsed at the idea of using this toilet. Ureeno, on the other hand, is just a harmless disinfectant, which you wipe from the seat in one swoop before sitting down on a totally clean toilet to enjoy your privacy.

phundug, Jan 08 2004

Chocolate pudding trick http://www.waltermi...mepage.com/i115.htm
Walter Miller describes flicking a bit of chocolate pudding onto his favorite toilet to achieve the same effect. [TheJeff, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       hahahahahahaa.....bun for the laugh!
babyhawk, Jan 08 2004

       Like chalk outlines of mormons on your doorstep ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 08 2004

       lbaf: what makes a chalk outline of a mormon any different then a chalk outline of anyone else??   

       blissmiss: i am not sure rarely is the right word. I have run into the urine on the seat in many a womens bathroom.....although it always makes me wonder why and how they get it there..??
babyhawk, Jan 08 2004

       // we'e' women // Thats a pun on its own.
skinflaps, Jan 08 2004

       [grayure] but then would that not prove that the idea of putting urine on the seat would not work because people use them anyways?? i personally either wait or cover the seat with t.p. or something...
babyhawk, Jan 08 2004

       Shoot. Never thought of that.
phundug, Jan 08 2004

       the joy of having a baby...i always have diaper wipes...which will take care of anything on the seat....Ureeno, or the real thing!! :)
babyhawk, Jan 08 2004

       //How will you know that the seat is ONLY covered in Unreeno when you come back to it?//   

       Who cares? It's disinfectant!
Overpanic, Jan 08 2004

       //is it really necessary for males to stand up?//   

       Yes it is. According to the old joke, we got peeing standing up instead of something much better, so we ain't giving it up.
GenYus, Jan 08 2004

       What a wonderful idea!. I am mixing up a handy pouch with hygenic yellow liquid and disinfecting mock turds. There is a problem with the smell. Thanks so much.
hangingchad, Jan 08 2004

       Wee is sterile anyway. What's the problem? Still,you get a plus [bh] for giving me a laugh.   

       I have also encountered pee on the seats in ladies lavs and assume it comes from "hoverers". Jees, have you ever tried that? Unless you only need a quick piddle, that is one uncomfortable position to hold. They must have thighs of iron.
squeak, Jan 09 2004


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