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Bid your way into the stall when the line is long!
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I call this Pee-Bay. When the line is long, there is one stall available for bid via cellular SMS. Highest bidder gets to use the Pee-Bay stall immediately, thus bypassing the long line. This system obviously rewards the rich and punishes and humiliates the poor, but so does everything else in life. Not only does this generate revenue, but it also gives the poor people something to squabble about while waiting in line to use the bathroom, thus taking their mind off GW Bush and Bill Lieberman. Everybody wins!
DeathNinja, Jul 17 2003


       And in the resulting riot....
FloridaManatee, Jul 17 2003

       Let them eat cake! (The cake that is at the bottom of the urinal.) It still costs nothing to pee in the sink or the garbage can.
LabRat, Jul 18 2003

       Take me to URINETOWN!
phundug, Jul 18 2003

       Not sure why, [DN], but I like it. +
k_sra, Jul 18 2003

       Why bother with this when there are all those nice potted plants in the lobby ??
8th of 7, Jul 18 2003

       Sign on wall: "Bids payable by certified check only."   

       Again... who the hell is Bill Lieberman?
waugsqueke, Jul 18 2003


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