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Batter Bullet

Fat fueled projectile food game
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Before frying my fish cakes last night, I tested the temperature of the oil by dropping a tiny lump of flour, bread crumbs, fish and other bits into the pan. It squirted around the pan as if it was alive! What shape would it have to be to go in a straight line?

Pick your ingredients, shape your craft and drop it into the (giant) deep fryer. First to the other side wins. Extra points if it's tasty when it gets there.

shudderprose, Aug 03 2009


       If it really was alive, you are so cruel. Maybe you should examine the next one you make. Try feeding it a mealworm. Maybe some limited discourse - keep it simple.   

       but on the serious side this would be a cool contest. I think a very dry torpedo shaped nugget with a moist fish bit engine at the rear.
bungston, Aug 03 2009

       Good Category!
gnomethang, Aug 03 2009

po, Aug 03 2009

       If it travelled round the pan in a rhythmic, artistic pattern, it would be a Batter Bullet Ballet. You could then serve these in a sort of self-service way, as a Batter Bullet Ballet Buffet...
hippo, Aug 03 2009

       Great fun for the whole family.   

       "Mommy, Mommy, Desmond fell in the vat again!"
tatterdemalion, Aug 03 2009

       [hippo] I would open up in competition next door: a Better Batter Bullet Ballet Buffet. If I fail to, am I a Better Batter Bullet Ballet Buffet Bluffer?
pocmloc, Aug 03 2009

       If it was too fast you could always add a Baffle....
gnomethang, Aug 03 2009

       And some Buffers.
normzone, Aug 03 2009

       \\a very dry torpedo shaped nugget with a moist fish bit engine at the rear\\   

       I think that instead of fish you could use a bit of bitter butter
pocmloc, Aug 03 2009

       ...and what sort of hat would you wear while eating this? Perhaps a soft, round, felt, French hat?
hippo, Aug 04 2009

       I once remember nicking a cube of sodium from my school lab and, with the help of a willing co-conspirator, tossing it into a pond in the local park. It was a foolish escapade, with dramatic consequences!
xenzag, Aug 04 2009

       I did the same, but the sodium was in a punctured can full of sand, to ensure it reached the bottom of the lake before Mr Na and Miss H2O could meet.
coprocephalous, Aug 04 2009

       How very interesting!
Brahma, Aug 04 2009


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