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Battery Charging Sex Toy

The bastard child of a shake flashlight, a battery charger, and a sex toy.
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This would basically have a generator like on a shake flashlight, but built into a sex toy. It would accept a Ni-MH rechargeable battery, and the shaking motion of using it would power the shake generator, which would in turn charge the battery. Also, there should be a version built into a masturbation sleeve, since the ladies aren't the only ones who would want to charge a battery by masturbating.
matzo3, Jan 24 2013

not the one I remember Battery-Shaped_20Shake_20Generator
[xandram, Jan 24 2013]

Forever Vibrator
[xaviergisz, Jan 24 2013]


       No, just no.
UnaBubba, Jan 24 2013

       Why not, just why not?
normzone, Jan 24 2013

       With 12 or 13 teenage boys, you could power a small town. [+]
Klaatu, Jan 24 2013

       See if you can petition for a grant -- jerking off is the essence of our energy policy
theircompetitor, Jan 24 2013

       Welcome to the Halfbakery, [matzo3]. It looks like you got your account in the spring of last year, but have been lurking until recently. Such patience...(+)
normzone, Jan 24 2013

       The elecricity generated will run the vibrating function. Shake shake purr shake skake purr shake shake purr oooooooooh
zeno, Jan 24 2013

       This idea has been baked here before, but I don't recall the name...I can look for it I guess.
xandram, Jan 24 2013

       I had one of those shake flashlights. Feeble thing.   

       i have done extensive research via motion pictures on the internet on the use of female sex toys, and I do not believe that the motion induced in them even approaches the motion required to power a feeble flashlight.
Kansan101, Jan 24 2013

       //i have done extensive research via motion pictures on the internet on the use of female sex toys, and I do not believe...// hahahahhaahahhhahah, aaaaaah
evilpenguin, Jan 24 2013

       I did Pornhound-Powered 'Puter, a long time ago. Roland ran his computer off the actions of his furtive right hand. Not a terribly popular idea.
UnaBubba, Jan 24 2013

       Thanks for finding the prior bake [xaviergisz]!
xandram, Jan 25 2013

       Bun anyway; a great idea for a first bake, and we've all re- baked an idea once or twice. It's not an unforgivable sin.
Alterother, Jan 25 2013

       No -but it still calls for an [m-f-d]
redundant / echo
xandram, Jan 25 2013

       and the standard admonition "Search before posting !"
FlyingToaster, Jan 25 2013


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