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Swiss Army Dildo

for when you're at a critical juncture where a compass/scissors/toothpick/etc. might be handy.
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mrthingy, Jun 21 2001


       Oh yeah!...Oh yeah!...Oh Baby!...is that something stuck in my tooth? That's better....Oh Yeah!...
Reverend D, Jun 21 2001

       What does Switzerland need an army for anyway? Its not as if they ever join in if theres a war on.
Redbrickterrace, Jun 21 2001

The Military, Jun 22 2001

       (...slightly uneasy about the kind of situation you might be in where, while using the dildo, you find you have to get a stone out of a horse's hoof...)
hippo, Jun 22 2001

       [UnaBubba] Or a tiny tweezer, perhaps?
The Military, Jun 22 2001

       Isn't Switzerland's military philosophy sort of the international equivalent of driving defensively--be ready for anything and you won't get taken out by some fool?
Dog Ed, Jun 23 2001

       The Swiss military philosophy is much like their knives; you never know when it might come in useful. They've never really developed a Navy however.... nor a beachwear industry!
Ivy, Jun 26 2001

       maybe the dildo could hold somehting the avarage dildo user would use, like: a tube 'o' lube, "the pill", or stuff lesbians use... + im suprised this is the only sex topic that is in the positive ratings
i-Mer, Feb 19 2002

       "Excuse me while I whip this out...."
ConsultingDetective, Jan 29 2004

       One suspects that if you need a corkscrew at this point you may have problems.   

       One suspects that if you need a miniature magnifying glass (which the Swiss knife doesn't have, but certain knockoffs do) -- you may have REAL problems.   

       And if he, she, or thee wants to do their nails, well...I'm sure there's something on cable.
dagonet, Jan 29 2004

       Oh....I envisioned a set of different size and texture sex toys, all in one.   

       Would it include some swiss choclate?
normzone, Jan 29 2004

       Heh I had this same idea but I thought of it as "survival dildo" and mine would be like those "Survival Knives" they sold on TV in the early 1980's all the time. U know, compass, fishooks, wire saw, matches, sewing kit, etc. +   

       "The blade is made from 420 molecular stainless!" - hmmm, 420 again. Must be a conspiracy...
Size_Mick, Jan 29 2004

       420 is somewhat symbolic in pot smoking circles. The time 4:20 is the "international" pot smoking time to some stoners. Supposedly it originated as a police code for someone smoking marijuana. There is no conspiracy, your just being paranoid....
KLRico, Jan 29 2004

       Actually 420 is national Get-High day, it is Hitlers B-day, the 20th of April.
Weirdo55, Feb 22 2004

       Same day as the Columbine incident, too.

I always wondered when I'd see this idea in the "Recent 3" again.
AfroAssault, Feb 22 2004

       Back to the dildo... I sure hope none of the "useful gadgets" are spring-loaded. A pick-axe and a parachute are great things... but only when you're ready for them.
MuddyBuddy, Feb 22 2004


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