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Two products in one

Make a shampoo bottle that is also a dildo...
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Got this idea from those "Herbal Essence" commercials where "She's got the *urge* to Herbal"...
mhh5, May 27 2001

Shower Orgasmatron http://www.halfbake...hower_20Orgasmatron
Similar to alx's annotation [bookworm, May 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

actual german product http://www.elta.de/...kel1=3148&x=42&y=62
similar 3-in-1 concept: shower radio + soap dispenser + _____ [mhh5, Oct 04 2004]


       ARG! I'm scarred for life... now I can never walk down the shampoo and deodorant isle without remembering this post.
andrewkorbel, May 27 2001

       How about a similarly shaped shower-head attachment for strictly *hygiene* purposes...?
-alx, May 27 2001

       ....mhh5....I'm pretty sure that's not the URGE that Herbal Essences was trying to convey.... of course, I have been known to be wrong......
Susen, May 28 2001

       Actually, it is. They're an unbelievably stupid and arguably offensive line of commercials that started out as a product-replacement of the fake-orgasm scene in "When Harry Met Sally," only without the context. It's since been simplified (i.e., drained of all remaining context) by the ad-men into shots of women acting aroused by their shampoo.
bookworm, May 28 2001

       hmm..you know, trying to watch that movie with your dad there is awkward.....well...actually...it's mostly just that one scene. o.0 Or when your little sister yells from the bathroom, "What the hell are you watching?!" Yeh..that's pretty strange, too. Although, it is a good idea. :D
corybanticcherry, Oct 27 2001

       now this is sensible - not something that you expect of me I know - but how about a mobile phone that doubles as an electric razor?
po, Nov 03 2001

       ummm, notice it is going to be soap a.k.a. a base in you body cavity. Should it not hurt as if getting soap in your eyes?
ChernoLeviathan, May 14 2003

       Wash + Come. Why take two bottles into the shower? I can imagine the marketing campaigns. Oh, the humanity!
sambwiches, May 14 2003

       HEY! I thought you were here to clean this place up [sambwiches]. Do I have to do everything myself? (grumble grumble)
snarfyguy, May 15 2003

       //Get clean and don't worry about not being able to get it out again.//   

       Hell, it beats those "Doc, I slipped in the shower" excuses.
FloridaManatee, Aug 17 2003

       (In the A&E) Well, Doctor, you see I was cleaning the bath, and I slipped and landed on the bottle. And I was naked.
friendlyfire, Aug 17 2003


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