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artificial wind chimes

chimes with artificial wind
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Version 1 is pretty simple: You have a fan that causes the regular wind chimes to chime.

I envision antix's idea as different with no wind at all just chimes run on batteries. (Or batter as alx pointed out). So even version one would be a uniquely new idea. But then comes version 2.

Version 2 are chimes that CAUSE artificial wind. Here more innovative thought is needed, since these chimes are CREATING the wind. Of course if there already is a naturally blowing wind available you can switch the wind generation function off and just use them like any other wind chimes you may or may not have outside your home.

pashute, Nov 22 2022

https://www.gocomic...oseparts/2022/12/02 [a1, Dec 02 2022]




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