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artificial floating safe haeven

Artificial floating island with resources and production facilities for people escaping war zones
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Is there a ::Refugees subcategory?

This idea is about an artificial floating island, that is a place that is fun to live in, and to grow up there. A place that is both healthy, or as my 4th grade teacher Mrs Gross at the Ohr Yisrael school in Monsey taught us to say: 'Healthful' and plentiful. Where there is enough work but no exploiting, and always enough to support your family. Only refugees are allowed to live here permanently, and they receive a good start with the help of volunteering people from all over the world who teach them anything they are lacking knowledge of, and are in the need of.

These beautiful floating towns can become the location for high ranking hospitals, tourist resorts, museums, recycling centers, agricultural or industrial centers, or marine life reservation and research facilities, just to name a few of the possibilities, of course in accordance with the culture of the former refugees, now residents.

Established by money from the UN and by philanthropists who believe in benefiting the people of the world, these large locations can accommodate thousands of people who may join and come aboard only after agreeing to abide by the standards of human cooperation and rules of conduct set up by the Safe Haeven committee, and adapted to the local refugee population.

It will build up a strong generation of selfless cooperating people with leadership that will let go of 'revenge' and 'death' realizing they are the bad choice, and believe in advancement and life instead.

This idea was inspired having read Anh Do's "The Happiest Refugee" and as a kid meeting the Vietnamese boat people, who came to live on my street in Rehovot, (my marriage proposal was given years later in their "Tak Away" restaurant). I was also thinking about refugees working on some projects to do with the 'refugee vs. infiltrator' discussions about South Tel Aviv (and now cross country). I have been personally acquainted with Christian Arab refugees from Bethlehem and Beit Jallah who now live in other parts of the world following Muslim intimidation during the Oslo "peace agreement" years...

-- Off topic --
-- Its my theory and opinion, that bringing in the PLO terrorist organisations and making an agreement with them was the gravest mistake, done by people (my leaders, Rabin, Peres and the left) who didn't really care for the lives of the local Arabs, and following their anti- religious crusade were blinded by their misconception of what was actually happening ....

-- Back to topic --
... and contemplating on the 1.5 million Arabs living in Gaza, with probably quite a few wishing to leave ...

In other words, there is a worldwide refugee problem, and it won't be solved by forcing the refugees out of their refuges and back "home", usually because 'home' is not an option.

pashute, Jul 30 2014

there it is. Changed owners and called Lul now... https://www.google....ZZGDCJA!2e0!6m1!1e1
The location of the Vietnamese "Chinese Tak Away" [pashute, Jul 30 2014]

They moved and are called Nam King https://www.google....jVzen4w!2e0!6m1!1e1
not kosher anymore because they open on Shabbat (but interestingly closed on Sunday-Sabbath) [pashute, Jul 30 2014]

Krug's floating island cities http://flavorwire.c...ating-island-cities
[pashute, Jul 30 2014]

Seoul floating island http://zxfen.blogsp...uge-artificial.html
albeit not at sea, its in a river, but still, it works! [pashute, Jul 30 2014]

Uros - the ancient floating island in Peru http://www.bluehere...he-beauty-of-earth/
a tourist pearl [pashute, Jul 30 2014]

Kansai (Osaka) International airport, not actually floating http://interestinge...ix_aerial_photo.jpg
...but the area was Kinkei in the past [not_morrison_rm, Jul 30 2014]

île flottante http://en.wikipedia...ng_island_(dessert)
[Klaatu, Aug 01 2014]

Kann Sein https://translate.g...d#de/en/kann%20sein
[pashute, Aug 10 2014]

somebody did take this idea to Gaza http://www.jpost.co...eos-go-viral-370219
[pashute, Aug 12 2014]

Operation Gaza on the Water https://www.youtube...watch?v=7EtQjy8uOBM
[pashute, Oct 01 2014]

Seasteading institute... http://www.seastead...-promotional-video/
[pashute, Mar 16 2015]

artificial floating safe Nevaeh artificial_20floating_20safe_20Nevaeh
my idea, inspired by the typo in this idea's title [notexactly, Mar 27 2015]

Egyptian billionaire offers to buy island for refugees http://www.ibtimes....nd-refugees-1518390
[Voice, Sep 04 2015]


       [marked-for-new-category] [+]
Voice, Jul 31 2014

       what's 'Kinkai'?
pashute, Aug 01 2014

       Kinkei is the old name for Kansai, the area covering Osaka, Kobe and some other places.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 01 2014

       //blinded by their misconception of what was actually happening ....//   

       What is that about anyway?
rcarty, Aug 01 2014

       I immediately thought it would be an island in the sky, supported by EM drive engines, powered by the Sun.
Mindey, Aug 02 2014

       //what's 'Kinkai'?//   

       Sumtimes I is Kinkai.
AusCan531, Aug 02 2014

       Sadly, I think the whole Muslim world would be opposed to it. The reason no Arab country allows Palestinians to permanently settle is to keep the war going forever, hoping that the Palestinians will eventually win.
Kansan101, Aug 02 2014

       Sp.: "flaoting".
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 02 2014

       another 72 hour cease fire on its way, while ISIS are wiping out two full cities, one of Christians, one of Yazidis, and getting closer to our northern border through the now mostly Sunni(!) Lebanon, and our south western border through Jordan.   

       To your question [rcarty]... Well, back in 1995, if you remember the shows from that time, With Rabin's "Peace is made with enemies", all Israelis AND Arabs where in Euphoria. Just to remind you, we had joint military rides with Israeli and "Palestinian" soldiers sitting together in the same Jeep, fighting (and here I take on Shimon Peres' croaky voice) "De Enemeess of Piss".   

       We had Yehoram Gaon the singer on stage with Yehuda Wacksman, who's son had just recently been abducted and killed (or as Rabin mistakenly said it: He was hijacking and was hitch-hiked)   

       What was really happening, was a well thought out plan by Yassir Arafat to keep himself as leader of this pack of tough bullies, Arafat the mind behind organizing murder and terror for all these years, including among his own people, was doing what he knew how to do best. Setting Dahlan against Rajoub, Shkaki and his Muslim Brotherhood Al Quds (Jerusaelem) Brigades of the Islamic Jihad against Mashal's Izaldin El-Qassam of the Hamas, and everyone against George Habash, Nayaf Hawatme and Ahmad Jibril. And every once in a while, setting all of them off against Israel. I remember as a young officer receiving a military brief with words of that kind, and not understanding why my commanders thought that was OK.   

       Somehow the Jewish thugs in power believed that if they give power to the Arab thugs something good will come out of it. Rabin used the (in my opinion terrible and telling) phrase: "Let them take care of the terrorists without Bagatz (the high court of law) and without Betzelem.   

       Of course the terrorists had no intention of keeping to themselves, although they did do a good job at "eliminating" each other every once in while.   

       The Israelis, especially Rabin, Peres and Barak, who were no less ruthless, believed that this was the best way to go. They obviously had no plans for a peaceful region, only for a military standoff. We even supplied them with the guns !   

       //end of answer to rcarty
pashute, Aug 10 2014

       [Kansan10] and [bigsleep], I agree to what each of you say. After reading Moshe Feiglin's provocative 7 step "plan" for Gaza, (I'm happy to say NOT accepted by the Israeli government) we'll have to think of some way to counter the tendency of oppressive forces, to force people out of their homes. Still, the idea "holds water" for millions of people around the world who seek refuge away from their homes and countries.
pashute, Aug 10 2014

       King [AusCan531] Kai, I was once (and only once, 19 years ago, for a family wedding) at the Sidney train station asking for directions. I was given instructions by an Asian clerk with an Aussie accent. He said: You wanna tike tine to King Kong. I politely said: 'What?' He repeated: You wanna tike tine to King Kong den you wanna China to a boos at.. 'Wait!' I said. I take a train? Yes. You wanna tike a tine to King Kong. 'To Where'? To King... 'Kood you rite zet done forr mee pleeze? I used my worst Israeli accent, so he would realize I don't comprehend Australian.   

       He wrote it down: "Kings Cross".
pashute, Aug 10 2014

       Well I read about that peace process, and think it was a genuine attempt on the behalf of the Israelis for peace, although you now criticize it because it was not entered into genuinely by Palestinians, as a leftist problem. That's what I don't like is dialectic conflicts like that where the enemy participates with your left to destroy its politics. Now you have to see that way of thinking as more naive than the conservatism that now prevails. So I do see entering into that peace agreement as disingenuous by the Palestinians. Obviously as I said before the Palestinian militants are fighting a global conflict rather than a regional conflict, and globally they do have significant sympathizers. However my own worldview is that Israel is a legitimate Jewish state but it was established and supported by powers that the Palestinians feel aren't legitimate compared to Arab and Islamic relations to the holy land, perhaps even the leftism that didn't originate with Jews in the holy land. My own comments referred to a problem key powers were having at the time of Israel's establishment that were part of ongoing racial discourses that continued after WW2, that continues to be a somewhat powerful leftist argument for a conciliatory approach with Palestinians. My own inclination as you know would be to to end the conflict with stronger leftism and Israelis and Palestinians agreeing that the clash of civilizations are over - an incredulity raised at conservative religious and ideological sectarianism worldwide! But I don't think that is on the current Islamist agenda, so Hamas does not have my sympathies. However, on a separate front I would like to see the global civilizations clash resolved that involves everything from islamic caliphates to pragmatic christian rationalities that all converges somehow at that holy land and region.
rcarty, Aug 11 2014

       Well if you think a New Kurdistan in Iraq is going to be less provocative than a Jewish state in Israel, then I don't think you appreciate the effect holy lands have on people. That said I'm not a nihilist that wants to see all religious history destroyed, but would generally rather have them not be accepted as the basis of social policy applied by a ruling government in a parliamentary democracy, but only as rules governing communities that accept them. Religious conservative repressions should not be a democratic choice, one accepts them through religious belief or not at all.
rcarty, Aug 11 2014

       OK, this round of war seems to be over. (At least till our shared holiday days are over)   

       For some years there has been nothing arid about our strip of land anymore. Also, you probably know this, but the UK and the US are targets just like Israel, so your home is in no less danger than mine.   

       So lets get back to discussing this idea seriously.   

       Refugees are people leaving places like Nigeria and Sudan, Thailand, Vientnam and Mexico. Sadly they are not wanted in the places they run to (Australia, Europe, the US). They are moved by slave traffic agents throughout undesired countries and reach thriving countries where they hope they will have work and "make a living". Sometimes they do, but mostly they don't. They live in terrible conditions, and with the feeling of alienation.   

       In come the AFSHes. Run by your fellow people, you feel comfortable coming to this place. You get responsibility. You get the chance to build yourself up. You get to live in a beautiful place that works. You repay it, by joining forces with "the good guys" and making life good for even more refugees around the world. When coming to this new place you also participate in a program for helping your original homeland become a better place, so that people will actually want to go back home.   

       The situation as it is now reminds me of an old joke: The commissar asks if anyone has questions. "Yes tavarysh Pushkyn?". "Er, tavarysh commissar, if everything is so good under communism, as we are told, why is it that everybody runs to the United States, but nobody runs from the United States to the SFSR?" "Now that, tavarysh Pushkyn is a very good question. I will answer it in the next session". In the next session the commissar asks if there are any questions. "Er, tavarysh commisar, where is tavarysh Pushkyn?".
pashute, Oct 01 2014

       Added seasteading institute link. Seems some people may be gathering money to do something similar. Only its for the rich guys not for the refugees.
pashute, Mar 29 2015

       This is timely. [+]
doctorremulac3, Mar 30 2022


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