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Bed Warmer

Warms your space in the sack.
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A heated dummie that you can place in bed before you get there to warm up your spot in those cold winter nights. Can be used by spouse if they know you are going to come to bed late so they can have a warm spot to roll over to. Should have an adjustable thermostat and shouldn't be too heavy. The heating coil(or what ever warms it) shouldn't be able to burn out of the dummie. What you think?
barnzenen, Nov 29 2000


       (d) dogs. (e) computers. (f) incontinence.   

       (sorry. I'm just bringing the bar down for all of us here... =P )
absterge, Nov 29 2000

       PeterSealy: (a) hotwater bottles are small, can leak, and have to be (1) heated or (2) filled with heated water. (b) blankets cover the whole bed and run a risk of catching on fire. (c) house maids insinuates that you have a mansion and can afford a live in the lap of luxury.   

       I was talking about something that was like the electric blanket but in a more human form. I was also thinking that I wouldn't want to sleep under something that was heated because I like to have my own 'heat' in the middle of the night, so I was thinking if I could take the dummie out and hop in the warm spot then everything would be ok. Also, for the little woman in my life, she goes to bed earlier then I do and I was thinking if I could have something to save my spot so she wouldn't roll over into it, there for something larger then a folded up blanket.   

       Also, I have a question, where do you people find all these wonderful websites? I wouldn't even know where to start looking.
barnzenen, Nov 29 2000

       There are mattress-covers with heating elements in them, many of which have separate controls for the two sides of the bed.
hello_c, Nov 30 2000

       Get a waterbed. They're heated already. I click mine up two or three degrees in the winter and it's just fine.
koz, Nov 30 2000

       Waterbeds can leak, ask my friend who has a little brother that likes to play with sharp objects. Also, the beds with the coils in them, they are rather expensisve and what happens when a coild burns out? Again, for the torso sized blanket I ask, what if I go to bed before my wife and I have rolled into a diagnial postion so as to hog the whole bed? And to tell the truth, my wife scares me in the middle of the night so I try my best not to disturb her.
barnzenen, Nov 30 2000

       But wherever can an innocent, sixteen-year-old schoolgirl find a real man on the Internet?
Monkfish, Dec 01 2000

       I love SillyB.   

       Why not stuff the "bed warmer" with catnip so that your cats will sleep on it and warm it up naturally with their delicious feline body heat (aka DFBH) ?   

       ...Also, maybe, time-release the catnip ...
djmills, Dec 05 2000

       There is no need to 'warm the space'. In fact there is no point. When you remove the dummy, all the air between the counterpane and sheet will be wafted out as the counterpane falls, unless you don't wash your linens.
rjswanson, Apr 07 2001


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