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Bed fan

Fan in foot of bed to blow air under sheets.
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I have always wondered what it would be like to have a low powered fan to blow air under the sheets of my bed. In the winter, it could be heated air: while in the summer when the heat index reads "HELL" it could be cooled. Maybe just air circulation would be sufficient. Almost every night, I "flap" the sheets to create an air current and it helps me get to sleep faster. I can't sleep without covers, but sometimes it is too hot to keep them on . . . catch 22???

Little added note, I have AC and it works fine. I also have a furnace, and it works fine too. What would be the difference in power consumption if I used a low power fan? How would it change the utility bill? What about people that do not have AC? On the other end, electric blankets, IMHO, are uncomfortable and can be a fire hazard.

As for the natural warm air supplier, you are a sick bastard and I hope you smoke in bed. If you are refferring to Nature's warmth supplier(partner in bed), think of single people.

bigyell, Jun 29 2000

Bed Fan http://www.bedfan.com/
Fan for blowing air under your sheets. [jutta, May 22 2006, last modified Sep 02 2006]


       I'm guessing it's hot where you are...   

       There are electric blankets for warmth; I wonder if it wouldn't be better to have a cooling blanket, rather than trying to circulate air under the blanket. This could be more efficient than air conditioning the whole room, and prevent fighting over the thermostat (each side of the bed could have an independent setting).
egnor, Jun 29 2000

       Ever hear of AIR CONDITIONING????
tommymd, Jun 29 2000

       Nature has supplied us all with with our own warm air supplier...
ponda_baba, Jun 29 2000

       I'd buy a cooling blanket...I live in Florida.
StarChaser, Jun 29 2000

       Spacesuits have an inner lining full of tiny tubes. Warm or chilled water is circulated through them as necessary. Could make a matress pad or blanket on the same principle.
rmutt, Jun 29 2000

       I understand your plea...If someone could design a mattress that had perforations around the bed (like an air hockey table) with A/C that would be great! The sheet would disapate the air comfortably. Very cool idea
memagilq, Aug 24 2000

       I don't have AC. This is very appealing. I think another good thing would be a small fan that shoots air at your head. If that wasn't really irritating, I think that would be really cool because that means so much of how you feel. I like this idea.
Chickenbreadthe1st, Jul 03 2005

       Ah... the Air Hockey bed.
hippo, Jul 04 2005


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