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pillow heat transfer

takes the heat from your head to your feet
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In the summer, in fact all year round over here in Australia- whenever i go to bed my pillow always gets really hot and my feet are always really cold. What i'd really like is a heat pump which cools down the pillow and pumps the heat down to my feet. It'd be like a thermostat controlled refrigerator which would cool my pillow with the radiator in the bed just underneath my feet...
sporn, Apr 04 2004


       how do your feet get really cold ? do they sweat too much & the sweat evaporates to give cold sensation? please explain. does your pillow material have thermal insulation properties ?
vedarshi, Apr 05 2004

       The idea was to just use a normal pillow sitting on a refrigerated pad of material that has an active heat transfer to a radiator under your feet. Not very complicated. Feet are cold because they are at the extremities of your body and your brain is more important than your feet. It's quite a common complaint...
sporn, Apr 05 2004

       But that damn compressor...you'd have to remote it. I like the idea though. I don't have the problem with my feet, but my head does tend to overheat. Pillow flipping is my solution.
Turbovolv, Apr 05 2004

       yeah, pillow flipping is what i use as well - until you need to swap in a new pillow, and then you have to wake up the girlfriend..! You could just have the compressor under the bed : [__o__] with your head over the first square bracket and your feet over the second.
sporn, Apr 05 2004

       [miasere]excellent application of common sense & looking at the things in different manner.
vedarshi, Apr 05 2004

       No, it'll come in handy for somebody, someday - and that's a good thing.
thumbwax, Apr 05 2004

       May I suggest the category "Home: Bed: Temperature" ? other than that, +
ato_de, Apr 05 2004

       baked: as "blood circulation" (we're all born with it.)
sophocles, Apr 05 2004

       Perhaps you have this problem because in Australia all people hang with their head down from the earth so feet don't "get" cold when you go to bed. They actually "are" cold because they lacked blood circulation all day long. You just didn't notice before because you were too busy keeping a cool head during the day. To test this hypothesis I suggest that you stay in bed for a few days and watch what happens.
kbecker, Apr 05 2004


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