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Bed of Nails Sheets

Bed sheets printed to look like you sleep on a bed of nails.
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What might be even more psychologically interesting, though, is if the printing on the bed sheet looked like a close-packed array of accupuncture needles.
Vernon, Mar 04 2017


       Include rubber stamp to mark your body with thousands of pin pricks in the morning. Red or pink ink I guess.
popbottle, Mar 04 2017

       This idea is completely pointless...   

       Eeew, the thought of old syringes and medical waste as printed bed sheets is quite disturbing.
wjt, Mar 05 2017

       This makes it far too easy for your enemies to slip sharp things into your bed without you noticing.
notexactly, Mar 07 2017

       Why not go for for the real thing?   

       Roofing nails come attached in rolls of ~500. Simply spot-weld a suitable number of rolls together, "bzzhtp" and there's your answer. Now, what was the question?
csea, Mar 09 2017

       " it wasn't appropriate for what I intended to use it for after all "   

       That sums up most of the ideas here ...
normzone, Mar 09 2017

       + delightful
xandram, Mar 09 2017

       Rethinking this, the top sheet(duvet in the cold), in theory, should be see-thru to show off the bottom 'bed of nails' or whatever sheet.   

       Although, matching pyjamas or/and body art would be a requirement.
wjt, Mar 11 2017


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