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Bedside Coffee Dispenser

Wake up to the great smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee.
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One year for my birthday, back when I was in college, my father bought me a fancy coffee maker. It had all the modern bells and whistles of a coffee maker at the time, most importantly, a timer.

At night I would fill the resovoir, insert my beans of choice (only the finest Jamaican Blue Mountain), and set the timer to start brewing about 15 minutes before my alarm was set to go off. I kept the Coffee maker where I kept everything in my dorm room; next to my bed.

Frequently the smell of fresh coffee would wake me before my alarm. Either way I started the day right, in bed with a cup of God's liquid. The obvious downside was that frequently mistakes were made and Coffee Grounds, or water ended up all over my bedroom/office/living room.

So I have designed the bedside coffee dispenser. You continue to keep your coffee maker in the kitchen, however a tube leads from the back of it, through the walls to a little outlet on your bedside table. Simple place a cup on the tray in the evening set the timer, and presto first thing in the morning a fresh cup of coffee is waiting being kept warm next to your nose.

Note: This idea can also be applied to Iced Tea on the porch, Beer in the Bathtub, or Whiskey in the office.

ColonelMuffins, May 01 2007


       So, existing technology plus a rubber hose? I'm not trying to shoot this down out of hand, but looking for the substance here.
pertinax, May 01 2007

       Extremely baked. The tea maid more commonly called 'the tea's made' goes back to the Victorian era. I thought they were amazing when I saw my grandmother's as a child.
marklar, May 01 2007

       In my world all homes will be built much like Vegas Casino's where in the basement all of the liquids are kept and appripriate little dispensers exits in all the rooms.   

       As far as substances are concerned, this deals with liquids, and plastics.
ColonelMuffins, May 01 2007

       You have a problem, or rather a choice of two problems.   

       a) Thick tubes. Lots of dead space. You'll be drinking 6-day old espresso.   

       b) Thin tubes. Small dead space. But very high surface area to volume ratio. I'm guessing the coffee is cold before it's half way there.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 01 2007


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