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Coffee bags

Why can you only get Tea-bags?
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why not put fresh, ground coffee into little bags, like the ones you use for making tea? same principle. would taste a lot better than instant and would cut out all that perculator bullshit. i could be missing some vague point here, or blaspheming against coffee-purists but shit, i'd buy it.
FrancoCoylioni, Oct 05 2000

Coffee Singles http://www.kraftfoo...llhouse/rmhsgl.html
Brewed! [wrenchndmachine, Oct 05 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(??) Tea strainer http://www.nigelmil...lverware/31-21.html
Pour tea through strainer into cup - Strainer catches tea-leaves, preventing them from going in your tea. [hippo, Oct 05 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Singlebrew http://search.quixt...h.asp?qu=singlebrew
I'm not allowed to post my affiliate #. Email will get that if there's any interest. [reensure, Oct 05 2000]

Lyon's Coffee Bags http://www.britdepo...prods/WM138644.html
Precisely as described. Not a very good link I'm afraid but proves there existence. They've been around since at least the 70s [goff, Oct 05 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Toddy http://www.toddycaf...ct.php?productId=79
Toddy Coffee / Singles [sheuerma, Feb 01 2007]


       Get a tea strainer and coarsely ground coffee for single cup.
thumbwax, Oct 05 2000

       what's a tea strainer?
FrancoCoylioni, Oct 06 2000

       [Franco] See link. Others please note that it is possible to use naked women to sell tea-strainers.
hippo, Oct 06 2000

       Is that a dragonfly on her right buttock? Actually, there is a type for single cups of loose tea which has a pair of screens which clamp together to form a ball shape. It is no more than 6 inches long including handle and ball is perhaps 1.25" diameter. Freshest teas or coffee in this instance brewed to single cup perfection
thumbwax, Oct 06 2000

       Hippo: It's possible to use naked women to sell lots of things....or at least people keep doing it...
StarChaser, Oct 07 2000

       Well... it's possible to use naked women to _market_ lots of things. Whether you actually sell any, or whether people just gawk for a moment or two then move on, is another matter...
Cheradenine, Oct 08 2000

       It looks like a dragonfly, doesn't it?

Of course, it may be that none of us is qualified to judge whether associating tea-strainers with naked women works as a marketing ploy, as it must be a fairly small group of people who are the target audience for the marketing of a £145 tea-strainer.
hippo, Oct 09 2000

       You'd think that for £125 they'd need more than_one_naked chick to sell the thing.   

       or maybe just the front half of the chick they've already got.   

       actually [Cheradenine]'s right. i'd just gawk for a while and_then_say £125 is too much. especially when you can buy a box of tea-bags for less than a pound.
FrancoCoylioni, Oct 09 2000

       Help from the planet Subliminal: A dragonfly, also know as the 'devil's knitting needle' will sew your lips shut if you tell a lie.
reensure, Oct 12 2000

       This already exists in Australia. Robert Timms. You pop the bag in, you add water, you leave to brew, you remove bag. No machiens, no grinders, no tea strainers, and no naked chicks.
QuadAlpha, Oct 13 2000

       what's wrong with naked chicks?
FrancoCoylioni, Oct 16 2000

       Been tried, here in UK and was marketed in the 80s with little success. The problem was that separating the grounds into bags effectively vastly increased the exposure to the air, and as a consequence the coffee became stale very quickly. If you like good coffee then it's worth spending that little time making it. If you're not fussy about your coffee, do what similar people do and drink instant.
iantnm, Oct 16 2000

       Putting the grounds into single serving sized, airtight packets has been improved since the 80's <my opinion> and the Singlebrew I've linked to above creates a very good cup. Most folks that try it use more water, some about a quart, because it brews more fully than an equivalent weight of a coarser grind.
A nutritionist whose seminars I frequent gives an enlightening take on the whole 'natural' food industry. His concern with herbs in general, and herbal teas in particular, is that the methods to prepare them increase a constituent's surface area and expose the plant matter to oxidation and to the growth of pathogens, notably mold. We perceive the resultant degradation of essential oils as 'stale' taste.
reensure, Oct 25 2000

       The product Mon Cafe, available in Japan, is a kind off coffee bag/cardboard stand that goes on the cup. You just pour in hot water and, voila!--votre cafe.
Vance, Feb 05 2001

       Two words: Folger's Singles
Susen, Feb 13 2001

       Three more words: Lyons Coffee Bags. Baked precisely as described. Have already added this link to the coffe-tea discussion. Sitll, better late than never...
goff, Jun 14 2001


       Mountain rose Herbs sells fillable press-n-seal tea bags that can be used for coffee, also.
John3:16, Aug 05 2002

       Most commercial coffe makers (like the ones in restaurants and hotels) already use such bags. In fact, the bags are brand specific, so the coffe maker company can keep garnering a business's hard-earned cash after the coffe maker has been paid for. Last time I went to the grocery store, I saw several boxes of coffee bags for home use.
1kester, Aug 05 2002


       I'm enjoying my morning coffee bag right now... Bloody fantastic, tastes like reasonably good percolated, but just as easy as a teabag.   

       --Thing is I have to use 3 of the buggers to make my tripple-espresso eye opener.
Custardguts, Feb 01 2007

       How weird, I too had bagged coffee this morning. And very nice it was too.
zen_tom, Feb 02 2007

       The naked woman marketing tea strainers does not seem to be a functional link anymore, so my gawking quota has not been met for the day.   

       For over 100 pounds, does the naked woman deliver the strainer to you in person? I'm not sure I'd want to use it for making tea after that...
ye_river_xiv, Feb 02 2007

       Folger's Singles contain instant coffee, but I suppose you could always make your own out of coffee filters and your favorite coffee grounds. You'll find that it takes longer to make coffee than tea in this manner (or at least that's what I've found), but the speed with which it's made still makes it some of the freshest coffee you could possibly put to your lips--and there's essentially no cleanup.   

       (You get a bun because I just had this idea just now at work. I came here in search of it.)
kevinthenerd, Feb 16 2009


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