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Bedtime Alarm Clock

Get to bed on time.
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Forcing myself to go to bed at a particular time can be difficult - there's always just one more thing to do before getting to bed. I always pay for it in the morning.

I'd like an alarm clock which I can set for bedtime. There should be a 'snooze' button (although this would be a 'stay up for an extra 5 mins' button). The difference between this clock and a normal alarm clock is a connected pressure sensor under the mattress and the ONLY way to turn the alarm clock off is to get into bed.

The pressure sensor idea has been suggested before but, as far as I'm aware, for forcing people up in the morning rather than this. Perhaps this clock could do both.

Tartan Tiger, Mar 27 2006


hippo, Mar 27 2006

skinflaps, Mar 27 2006

       yes, but you can just throw a pile of cordwood on the bed and stay up all night.
xandram, Mar 27 2006

       i know i've set a bedtime alarm clock for myself in the past, and this is a clever way of doing that. +bun.
carpeliam, Mar 28 2006

       /because it kept scaring the crap out of me./ -[rcarty]   

       Ha! I thought that only happened to me. I have my alarm set very loud because I sleep without my hearing aids, then I forget to turn it off if I get up early. Next thing I know, it goes off like a screaming banshee right next to my now fully funtional ears. I can usually keep my startled leaps down to three feet.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 28 2006

       Better than a bed that stands up, turns off your computer or TV, escorts you back to the bed room using the optional handgun if need be. Yells "Go to me." And lies back down expecting you to lie down on top of it and go to sleep.
popbottle, Sep 29 2014


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