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San Diego project engineer I really like being able to clear the mind by dumping the Halfbaked ideas at this site. It is very therapeutic to start the day with a blank slate. redfoxjumps at notcoldmail

'Participating member of the Ooolongftangftangbank profile scheme.

1/4 baked Dump list: (maybe write them up sometime)

1 5 10 25 50 carpets counter current jury swap meet Dust catchers steps walls pockets Drive through long store checkerboard Store/vending mach. over handicapped van parking run of the mill car like thing only worse Learning cell phone the size of a brief case 99 cents next door restaurant no cook or waiters fat boy icon Grocery store . hand cranked elevator , toilet tank air cleaner . random tile store. alphabet book tm ambercrombie , empty hotel room to get away. blood in stool tablet bag salad ron popeil rack em up do it your self surgery kit drop over 40 ft container solar heat oven Battery box radio Modified buffet restaurant one weighed plate and all you can eat the rest. Variable speed reveal translator to help learn languages Virtual supermarket sort function

A two door microwave already exists or -ed.

[Apr 29 2013, last modified Apr 20 2015]

 1 555 555 5555
 20 halfbaked Questions
(+6) 5 4 3 2 1 Restaurant
(+2) 52 Pick Up Plus
(+11)(+11) A blow up bedroom.
(+4) A Grand Timeless Hotel
(+4) Actors acting as waiters
(+2) Add Fast Food to Bumper Cars
(+4, -1) Adding space to a mobile home.
(+1, -4) All you should eat Buffet
 Already there luggage
(-1) Aluminum Cell Phone Pocket Protector
(+4) And so to bed, my phone
(+3) Animated Cockroach Movie premise
(+1) Annoying Tattletale Robot
(+3) Asian Oatmeal Bar
(+3) Asphalt Carpet Sweeper
(+1) audience drinking participation film
(+4) Author's Intent by Color
(+1) Axles and arbors for Used CD s
(+1) Bad Coffee Cheap store
(+2) Bad Player Assisting Piano
(+5, -2) Bank o' Barbies
(+2) Bank of Clutter
(+1) Bar Code Racing
(+4) Barbie goes to the Big House
(+3) "Before" body scans
(+1) Bicycle powered ski lift
(+3) Big City Cemetery
(+3) Billboard, lonely gas station
(+1) Black Hairbrush Collector
(+2, -1) Blue Striped 5' wide 18" tall Car
(+8, -1) Book review by man in the street.
(+1) Bottle Deposit trip gambling
(+3) Bottle Return Lottery Lottery
(+1) Building Block Can Die
(-2) Bunny Dentists save New York
 Cadaver Express
(+3) Car park for those living in their cars.
(+2) Car plus Trolley
(+1) Card Board Box Paint
(+1) Cargo Container Heater
 Casino Style library or bookstore
(+1) Castro: My Island is your Island
(+2) cell phone battery swapper
(+2) Chain Gang Survey
(+4) Chalk Outline Decore
(+2) Changeable Back End Vending Machine
(+3) Chicken Tractor Racing
(+5, -1) Child's Book about Bad Inventors
(+1) Coffee Mug/Cell Phone
 coin based scavenger hunt
(+4) Coin in Coin out Slot Machine
(+2) Coin Swap Box
(+3) Combined Pregnancy Test and Condom
(+1) Conductive Adhesive Tape
(+1) Cookie alert! Ahhooogahh
(+3) Cream Cheese On Host
 Crockpot in a Refrigerator
 Cuff Tension Meter
(+6) Currency lottery
(+2) Date night auction
(+4, -2) Double or Nothing Paydown Plan
(+4) Dropoff Basketball
(-1) Dual format Typewriter
(+1) Dual personal stereo speakers
(+1) Duck Duck Goose Swapmeet
(+3, -1) Duck holding Saxophone case
 Dummy Decorative Gas Gaps
 dumpster alarm
 Economy food store II
 Eight minute bullet train
 Every price Supermarket
(+1) Everything Shelved by Price
(+2, -1) Fake Cell Phone for throwing
(+4) Fashion Week endurance run
(+7, -1) Faster fast food
 Fat Cells, Door
(+2) Fight or Flight Phone
(+1) Filled in Day Planner
(+1) Five blade propeller solar
(+3) Flash Mob Assembly LIne
(+4) Flowers in your outlets
(+3) Food Allergy Challenge
(+5) Glasses Swap-o-rama
(+1) Global Bar Code
(+3) Good smell ticket discount
 Grand Pile of Paper
(+2) Grape converter
(+6) Grey water select valve
(+5) Hammer stones set
(+1) Hand Dug Water Well and Public Space
(+1) Handset Orientation Devices
(+5, -1) Handshake Insemination
 Hicccup ending w/o paper bag
(+1) High Noon Traffic Light
 House Arrest Ankle Monitor Dead Body Detector
(+1) How to get fired Consultant
(-1) Iced Coffee Cubes
(+2) Iced Tea Cubes
(+11)(+11) Idiot Vending Machine
(+1) Infrared and ultraviolet cab
 Inside Out spin-off
(+1, -2) International Dream Police
(+1) International Smock Exchange
(+1) Junk Phone Call Filter
 Landscape Stump Removal
(+4) Learn a New Language
(+3) Left Turn for a Quarter
 Less Minerals in swimming pool water
(+5) Line up according to height
(+2) Long Jar
 Long Sleves with "garters"
(+1) Long term votes for long term debt
 Low Rent 23/7 Internet Cafe
(+1) Matchhead Bubble Wrap
(+1, -2) Mean Streets
(+2) Mechanics Car Race
(+5) Melting Email
 Merry Go Round Storefronts
 Microwavable Paper Plate
(+1) Microwavable Socks
(+5) Microwave oven oven
 Microwave power testing booth
(-2) Midnight charger and call indicator
 Modular Homes variations
(-1) Mostly Fake Air Cruise Ship
(+2, -1) Mr. Yuk's disgusting ride
(+1) My ants: The Food Critics
(+1) Naked Banking
(+4) Nixon Tapes Bar
(-2) "No s" for Sale
(+2) Not so near money bank
 Number 1 and Number 2 store layout
(+17)(+17) oil change and annual checkup
(+3) One Stop Laundry
(+1) Parking Space Auction revisited
(+2) Party plan shredder sales.
(+1) Patent Application Prioritization II
 Patent Troll Patent
(+8)(+8) Pipe Tape
(+3) Post Card Solution to Tainted Water Scare
(+2) Presidential Likabilty Quiz Website
(-2) Press this Button !
(+3, -2) Priority box sized inverse rail road
 Project: Best Chef
(+3) qwerty should be a word
(+2) Receipt analysis for investment
(+3) Red and Yellow Printer
 Refrigerator Time Lock Whats behind door number 2?
(+2) Roller Coaster Food Service
(+1) Roof work shoes, wider and longer.
(+3) Sales Clerks vs Shoppers Obstacle Store
(+1) Sand sculpture
(+2) Second Chance Bird Bath
(+2) Selfridges smash and grab counter
(-5)(-5) Shared Clinton Trump Presidency
(+1) Shuckling chair/robot/brain study
 Silent sabotage of public toilet
 Sleep reminder lightbulb or lamp
(+2) Slice of Pie Car
(+2, -1) Sneaker oil
(+10)(+10) Socks of Death
(-1) Solar Crematorium
(+1) Solar powered AA battery
(+4) Sound and lights only casino
(+3) Splitter website
 State Pen
 Stock market picking tool
(+2) Stop! Please don't throw out.
(+2) Suicide by Lawyer
(-2) Sung Passwords
(+2) Swapo Lotto Car Club
 Tattletale Gift Card
(+2) The Muddle Building
(+5) The people I eat lunch with
(+16)(+16) Time Shifting Hotel for International Travelers.
 Toeless PIN Sock
 Top Five Deck of Cards (Money)
(+1) Tract Wipes
 Traffic Control
(+2) Translate the halfbakery into French
(+1) Translation Web Site
(+5) Trash Can Menu Reviews
(+1) Trash can repair service
(+2) Tree Eraser
(+3) Two Cars enter One Car Leaves
(+3, -1) two first class stamps store
(+2) Two much champagne
 Two ring tone cell phone switch
(+4) Ultra thin vending machine
(+1) Underneath Mobile Home Parking
(+6) Warm shoes and socks.
(+1) Watch me shop!
 Wearable 360 microwave triggered camera
 Web Site Inspection Swap
(+5) Week Long Vote
 Windows for Spies
(+2) Work Benchs for Daily Rent
 Younger days viewer

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