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Bee-jector Seat

Remove unwanted passengers with the power of BEES!
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To get rid of an unwanted passenger, you'd press a button on your steering wheel. The first button makes the front of your steering wheel open up like when airbags deploy; but instead of airbags it will deploy a bee-keeper's mask and bib. The second button opens the passenger-side glove compartment, where bees are stored. After the passenger gets swarmed with bees and exits the vehicle, you just roll down the window and let them fly out.
Brian O'Blivion, Aug 12 2011

My idea is tastier ;-) PSA_3a_20Popcorn_20Security_20Alarm
[normzone, Aug 12 2011]


       But how will you entice the bees back in for the next time?   

       Maybe the bee-releasing compartment should also be jam-filled.
Wrongfellow, Aug 12 2011

       Welcome, [Brian]. You're going to fit right in.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 12 2011

       This is going to make parking lots very interesting.   

       Also oil changes - "We topped off all the fluids and removed your honey".
normzone, Aug 12 2011

       Why let the bee fly out when you could collect it for later use? There should be a special 'bee-vacuum' built into the dashboard.   

       Oh, and let me add my welcome as well. You'll do fine here, as long as you never feed [8th of 7] after midnight.
Alterother, Aug 12 2011


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