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Cash box

Lure them in after the fact
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This idea was suggested by a friend of mine after my car was stolen and we were thinking of ways to get back at them. Place a key (any small key) in an envelope with a fake inventory list of items found in a safety deposit box. This can be your own box or someone elses. Make sure there are some valuables and cash listed. Put this in the glove compartment. Pick a random PO box number in a PO Box station nearby. Stakeout the box and wait for the thieves to come a calling. NOTE: If you are not using your own PO Box, try to choose one where you have seen the legitamate owner so the Police don't arrest them by mistake, or you and your vigilante buddies don't beat the crap out of them with your baseball bats
avenger, Mar 30 2004


       Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. But apart from that, a real world version of a honey pot is not such a bad idea.
DrCurry, Mar 31 2004

       i love this idea, let their greed work against themselves..
hookedup, Mar 31 2004

       Welcome to the Bakery! +
nomadic_wonderer, Mar 31 2004

       So I give them a key to my safe deposit box or someone elses, then I go beat the crap out of someone at the post office? Sounds like a good way of venting frustration, but I think staking out the safe deposit box would be more rewarding.
Worldgineer, Mar 31 2004

       This could be a useful added service for a commercial mailbox service (like Mailboxes etc.). If someone opens the box the gate locks and police is informed. To reduce cost several customers could use the same mailbox.   

       It won't work forever since thieves eventually may get smarter. After the novelty has worn off one could switch to houses. Keep a delivery notice with the key. It should have an address and list a nice items like an entertainment center.
kbecker, Mar 31 2004


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