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Car Theft Chemical Warfare

Trap the bastard in a cloud of tear gas and pepper spray
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Okay, imagine some sort of identity checker or code/switch that needs to be entered or toggled when you get into your vehicle. Now imagine a theif getting in and hot-wiring your car without passing the identity check. After about two minutes of driving, the windows automatically roll up, the doors lock, and engine shuts off. Once at a complete stop the poor sap gets a taste of real rehabilitation when a tear gas canister goes off beneath the seat and a jet of pepper spray comes from the steering wheel.
noble24, Jun 14 2001


       After two minutes of driving,the car goes into autopilot & drives to the nearest police station.
mcdornan1, Jun 14 2001

       After two minutes of driving, the car goes into autopilot and drives to the nearest chop shop to sell the thief for parts.
PotatoStew, Jun 15 2001

       this happened to a friend of mine many years ago: she was driving down the highway after a night of clubbing, and her (very) drunk boyfriend zapped her with a can of pepper spray that he mistook for a cigarette lighter. they and the other two passengers were very lucky that she was able to pull over (it's a good the thing the road was practically deserted), and that no one was hurt or killed.
mihali, Jun 15 2001

       i think signal flares are the answer: they issue a vast column of coloured smoke which gains the attention of onlookers for miles around, especially the police. the dense cloud of smoke will follow the car for up to fifteen minutes from ignition. added bonuses: you can choose from a range of bright colours including purple, orange, red, yellow; even thirty seconds in the car after the flare has ignited is sufficient to completely coat the occupants; the thief can run and run - but the ash won't shift until it's washed off properly; it will set the car on fire giving you an almost guaranteed insurance claim; the thief will suffer hours or even days of irritation/burning of the eyes, nose, mouth, throat and lungs from the inhaled ashes; the coloured ash forms a very fine powder which only the most thorough and intrusive washing will remove completely (think Silkwood). as you've probably guessed, this is a dear fantasy of mine which remains untested. i *can* verify the awful properties of signal flares, though, having participated in a series of carefully executed pranks.
velocette, Aug 20 2001

       Why not strobe lights on interior of car - everybody loves strobe lights - "Come on everybody, let's dance on these car thieves"
thumbwax, Aug 20 2001

       This idea was shown in one of the robcop movies The deterrent was high voltage hidden straps that popped out if you stole a car.
AirCooled, Apr 08 2004


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