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Beer Camera

How the hell did I get home Friday night?
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How do we get home so easily when we're drunk beyond belief? Where exactly do those two hours go? Who do we meet? In what ways do we insult them? Why not have a mini camera attatched to your buttonhole on the front of your jacket. This camera is activated in a number of ways: it picks up alcohol in its surrounding atmosphere ie your breath, "You've got that lovin' Feelin" shouted at 90 decebels will work too, flashing blue lights followed by allo allo allo, not forgetting alleys or shop doorways with members of opposite sex. etc. Saturday comes, as it's all slipping back in chunks, turn on your tape... Aaah that's what happened. Home videos as they should be.
ponda_baba, Jun 27 2000


       Could be adapted as a warning system as well. I have had a few experiences with women I wouldn't have gone near unless I was wearing my "beer goggles"
ashworth, Jun 27 2000

       Would spoil the fun though... Who wants to know the truth about the magical beer scooter anyway? Would also mean you couldn't mock your friends and make up stories about what they got up to....
MrTheRich, Jun 28 2000

       I think the market for this product is highly limited. Sometimes, as time passes, events from the missing two hours gradually return to the memory. This is always accompanied by feelings of dread, shame and embarrassment. The hours are clearly expunged from the memory by a self defence system within the brain, which ensures that one's self-esteem remains above a tolerable level.   

       Perhaps the camera could be attached to one's buttonhole by enemies for blackmail purposes?
Lemon, Jun 28 2000

       Oh...you could still make up stories about what happened ... you could make a video of "what happened" ... when he/she is drunk, take it and make your own video!
DJB, Aug 24 2001


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