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Night out drinking Black Box

Personal Black Box to record your movement & voice while under the influence
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This device will be placed in a small comfortable backpack that won't annoy you when sitting or lying down and would be extremely durable for obvious reasons. Now the box will contain both a voice recorder as well as a GPS log to record your movements (including up and down). The recording mechanism will trigger when your alcohol intake reaches a certain level, after which everything you say and everywhere you go will be logged for playback the next morning when you are unable to remember the last five hours of your night out.

This will on one side relieve you when you discover out that what really happened is not what you've been told or on the other side completely crush you and send you into hiding when you find out that what you've been told is not ALL that happened.

While this box is more than likely going to become a very common exhibit in court cases, if used very secretivly could help you gain dirt on whoever talks behind your back when you've passed out somewhere.

The device can then switch off again after you regain your normal (legal) alcohol level.

thinck, Jul 26 2001

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"He discovered through a videotape that many things were done to him while he was passed out at a party." [StarChaser, Jul 26 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       St3f - you managed to say "we've already had this" before Peter Sealy - well done
Redbrickterrace, Jul 26 2001

...or is this not a good thing?
st3f, Jul 26 2001

       Sorta baked in Terry Gilliam's film of Hunter Thompson's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". The Hunter Thompson character tapes a cassette recorder and microphone to himself before dropping adrenochrome in order to record his debauched night.
Guy Fox, Jul 26 2001

       Revel in your moment of glory st3f. It'll not last long!
DrBob, Jul 26 2001

       I think this is brilliant. I want one, can I have one?
Vader, Jul 26 2001

       There are plenty of nights I do NOT want to remember, please! So if this blackbox will be produced, add an ERASE option as well...
BartJan, Jul 26 2001

       There are a couple of nights in my recent past I would really like to know what happened (and the person I was with won't give me more than sketchy details)... so a croissant for you.
jetgrrl, Jul 27 2001

       Maybe when people are drunk they can't remember some things because things they did were so bad they are locked away in their sub concious mind due tho their slight higher state of conciousness and the sub concious protects the concious mind by not permitting it to access the information. When you remeber things it is the sub concious tewasing the concious mind. Has anyone ever researched this?
Monkeyboy2, Jul 27 2001

       Weird synchronicity: "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" was shown on FilmFour last night. A possible problem for the NODBB was highlighted by the adrenochrome scene - even when he listens to the playback, Raoul Duke can make no sense of his own insane, wasted ramblings... "madness, sheer madness". The GPS might help with this problem, but the truly committed waster, I suspect, will still be able to create nights of incomprehensible havoc that will never make sense.   

       BTW: Do they come with rubber lizard tails?
Guy Fox, Jul 27 2001

       Dredging up some painful memories there Mephista?
st3f, Jul 27 2001

       Actually most of the original book of Fear & Loathing is written as Hunter S. Thompson trying to work out exactly what happened during his trip (sorry bad pun) from the adrenochrome tapes. If you haven't read it, then I recommend you do, it's even funnier than the film.   

       Personally, if I don't remember the night before then it probably means I don't want to. There was one morning about 3 weeks ago I woke up unable to remember anything. It's only just recently I found out what happened and I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed. Needless to say, it won't get reprinted here.
CoolerKing, Jul 27 2001

       Read the book many, many, MANY years ago. If I remember right the taped-on aspect of the recorder was only added in the movie. Could be wrong, though.
Guy Fox, Jul 27 2001

       I have one of these - my girlfriend.
benfrost, Jul 28 2001


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