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Personal Alibi System

Keeps track of your movement to later show to the Cops.
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This simple device would use GPS to continuously record your location. Only you would have access to the data. Then when the cops show up to question you about a crime they are investigating, you voluntarily show them your iron-clad alibi of being home alone watching TV. Some kind of encryption scheme keeps you from forging false locations. Whatever. Anyway, the real benefit comes from the fact that only criminals wouldn't voluntarily own one of these devices. Then, the cops wouldn't even have to waste time investigating those with Personal Alibi systems turned on in the first place. The added bonus is the strong inducement for its users to behave. No way am I going to break the law if I can be placed at the scene of the crime.
riromero, Jul 01 2003

CrimeTrax http://www.abcactio...0613crimetrax.shtml
[Shz, Oct 04 2004]


       How would the police know it was your location being recorded, as opposed to the location of the person holding the device that communicates with the satellite?
snarfyguy, Jul 01 2003

       Only criminals who anticipate the need for an alibi would get one. Nevertheless, it makes sense for those already under house arrest.   

       The HB is incredibly Big Brother unfriendly; I can see you're going to get burried in fishbones. May I suggest a snorkel or breathing apparatus?
FloridaManatee, Jul 01 2003

       Build a small videocamera into the device, and problem solved.
RayfordSteele, Jul 02 2003

       I was hoping it was a system to think up a convincing lie about where I’ve been. But this is good, too. +
Amos Kito, Jul 02 2003

       Far better to have one of the police follow you around at all times. That way you always have someone to talk to. -
hob, Jul 02 2003

       Or we could do what they used to do in East Germany, where *everybody* was either a policeman or a stoolie.
DrCurry, Jul 02 2003

       Well, this has become a well-baked invention.
xandram, Oct 09 2013

       When I recently heard about a new device that straps to one's wrist, and tracks sleep patterns, eating habits, etc... to connect to a smart phone & share with one's friends, I thought: why the heck would anyone want that?! Well, you've provided here an answer to that question.   

       On the other hand: HECK NO. NO WAY, NO HOW, NEVER.
awesomest, Oct 11 2013


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