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Beer goggles for your camera

For when you wish those memories weren't so sharp
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Everyone's had the experience when they woke up without the beer goggles and found someone less attractive than they thought beside them.

If you're lucky, you left while still drunk, secure in the thought that the girl/guy was hot. But then... you dig out your digital camera the next day (i carry mine to the bar all the time these days) and the hideous memories are all too sharp. Your night has been ruined.

So, I propose an optional mode for a digital camera that will either detect alcohol through the sweat on your hand if possible, or simply can be switched on before you go to the bar. It applies soft blurring filters and shifts the color balance from the harsh blue of the flash to the dim reds you see in the bar.

While it could never approximate the kind of improvements a drunken brain can make on a member of the opposite sex, it could at least mediate the ugliness. Everyone looks better in soft focus.

I'd been meaning to post this for awhile, but only remembered when I saw beer goggles on the main page.

eulachon, Aug 16 2004


       And if the camera REALLY doesn't know how to sort out to abomination you've got your picture taken with -- it simply replaces the whole person with 1 of 24 'hardcoded' babes stored in the camera.   

       Works excellently until your comparing conquests with your divorced dad -- and you end up thinking you've slept with the same hot babe as your dad :( cos he happens to own the same type of camera and it chose the same random babe!!   

britboy, Aug 16 2004


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