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Beer spy glass

A pair of lenses on a beer glass
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The lenses are set into the opposite sides of the glass, but only work when beer (or water based liquid) is inside. This is because the refractive index is changed.

One type could be used for looking across the bar, but another type could be used as a microscope.

Ling, Nov 01 2011

The large-scale version... Liquid-filled_20window_20tinting
[normzone, Nov 02 2011]


       And (obviously) a pair of them could be strapped to the face, acting as beer goggles.
spidermother, Nov 01 2011

       [Normzone], although beer tinted windscreens is an interesting idea, unfortunately it has obviously obscured your understanding of this particular idea. This idea is about using lenses (objective lens etc) which only work together when a fluid is added to the glass, to make a telescope or a microscope.
Ling, Nov 02 2011

       [Ling], my attempt to shamelessly reference any idea of mine that vaguely corresponds with anybody elses idea at the slightest excuse has obviously obscured your understanding of my motive(s). That said, I like your idea, and voted for it, and shamelessly hope that you will not delete my link to my idea.   

       Oh, and I believe in paragraph breaks where applicable.
normzone, Nov 02 2011

       ...And I believe in applying brakes when applicable. Maybe the formatting is not so obvious on the BB? That's my excuse and my thumbs and I are sticking to it.
Ling, Nov 02 2011

       is that so [21]? what's BB? am I dimmer than usual this morning?
po, Nov 02 2011

       No, that's not so. BB = blackberry. Your third question is equivalent to "does my bum look big in this", so I won't touch it with a barge pole.
spidermother, Nov 02 2011

       fair point! cheers.
po, Nov 02 2011

       If you have ever heard of the the slightly alcoholic drink called "Spy", then this could be subtitled: "I spy a slightly spiteful spy with Spy in my spy glass".   

       But only after making sure it's the first drink of the evening.
Ling, Nov 02 2011

       Perhaps instead of the amber ale, clear liquids with differing refractive indexes could be used. I'm thinking of something like 7up or Sprite which would allow the user to "fine tune" the focus by adding varying amounts of vodka, gin and so on. When the spyglass got too full it would need to be drunk down to allow more additions.   

       The experimentation could go on all night - especially when one considers the requirement for corrective focussing of the experimenter's own eyesight over the course of the evening.
AusCan531, Nov 02 2011


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