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This morning as I was eating my bowl of sticks and twigs (which my wife calls cereal) and nursing my hangover, I wondered if i could save some time (because i was late for work of course like usual) by combining both the "hair of the dog" and my breakfast.

I envision different flavors-

Beerios: Goes with almost all beer

Beerios Light: For your weak-kneed light beer drinkers

Beerios Dark: Specially formulated to with Guiness Stout

High Octane Beerios: For those times when just plain beer won't be enough. Formulated to go with whiskey.

So what do you guys think?

justadesigner, May 23 2003

Breakfast that goes with beer http://www.enjareco...images/enj7085b.gif
NB: plate pictured is missing the following items: fruit pudding, white pudding, fried potato scone. [my face your, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Have you tried AA?
DrCurry, May 23 2003

silverstormer, May 23 2003

       I tried it......but I heave a feeling beerios would taste better!
justadesigner, May 23 2003

snarfyguy, May 23 2003

       Well you could just dump some beer into some Cheerios and call it good. But, It wouldn't taste nearly as good as a cereal specifically designed to go with beer. Say pizza flavored for instance....Of course we'll have to do plenty of taste testing to get it right but i'm sure it can be done! I know plenty of people who will taste test for me if i give them free beer! :)
justadesigner, May 23 2003

       nothing to drink, jutta?
po, May 23 2003

       I think you definitely will heave a feeling.
bungston, May 23 2003


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