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Cereal Milk

Ditch the cereal, I only want the leftovers.
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Cocoa Puffs, not the cereal, just the enchanting chocolate taste of Cocoa Puffs left over in my cold milk; bottled just like a small orange juice or chocolate milk. You can find this in the dairy section of your local market.

Perhaps there could be a small container that is shrink-wrapped (on top of the milk bottle) that stores a bunch of little bits of your favorite cereal, like Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, etc. Just open, pour in, shake and enjoy!

HalfBias, Sep 30 2010


       I couldn't find a fault with this idea. So [+]! Though you could easily pull this off by just dumping tons of sugar and wheat protein into bottled milk.
DrWorm, Sep 30 2010

       Cherios? I didn't know that she had a breakfast cereal.
DrWorm, Oct 01 2010

       In my humble opinion, this is the best we've had in a while. [+] perfectly stupid and also inspiring. Welcome [HalfBias].
daseva, Oct 01 2010

       Well done, [Half]. Bun. [+]
Grogster, Oct 01 2010

       Thanks [daseva/Grogster]; and [DrWorm] thanks for the bun too-   

       Thinking if I was 12 years old, again, and if I saw this stuff on the shelves at my grocery store I’d probably wet my pants …wait… I just did, ha.   

       We can possibly add some extra nutrients/vitamins in during production; you know, to influence Mom’s buying decision.
HalfBias, Oct 01 2010


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