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cereal prize kit for weary parents

thrifty fun!
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Most parents with children in the 4-13 age range know that kids love the cereals with the toys inside. Most of the time these cost a whole lot and have far too much sugar. Not to mention the fact that the toys tend to suck, and, often aren't worth more than a penny or two. Thrifty parents buy the generic cereals that come in bags, but what fun is that for you little ones. Give them the prizes they crave without compromising nutrition or your budget.

Picture a refillable plastic cereal box and a set of stickers and prizes. Hide one or two of the "code rings" or "x-ray glasses" in the box and put the sticker on the outside touting how neat the prize is (or possibly containing a small game that the prize works with.

The wold kit would be priced reasonably and contain something like 50 prizes (various sets would be available for various ages)

Now the bargain cereal is just as fun as the expensive stuff!

futurebird, Apr 12 2003

Whois for CerealGiver.com http://www.whois.ne...2?d=cerealgiver.com
Maybe somebody should register it? Only $20 for 2 years...think of all the happy parents.. [flicken, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Nice sentiment. Any help for us weary parents gratefully received. Sugar frosted croissant for you.   

       Another, more easily bakeable solution would be to spend the few pennies saved by using cheapo cereal (hey, new cereal - Cheapos, hoops formed by shaping the dust left at the bottom of other packets of cereal) on party favour type toys. These often cost less than a pound (UK) and IME are better received than toys costing many times more. Kids love the little ping-pong ball shooters, bubble tubs, spy glasses etc. If you're almost at your wit's end, go really mad and buy them a packet of party poppers.   

       Or just eat the cereal and give the kids the box to play with.
egbert, Apr 12 2003

       For the really spoiled kids: a box of toys with a small parcel of cereal at the bottom.
FarmerJohn, Apr 12 2003

       Be funny to do this for a birthday present - imagine little Johnny's surprise when he finds a GameBoy floating in his cereal.   

       [In a related context, this was how we eventually solved the lure of MacDonald's Happy Meals - we'd buy our son the Happy Meal toy - 50¢ at the time - and get him something altogether healthier.]
DrCurry, Apr 12 2003

       Recycle! I'll bet there are plenty of people who have bought the cereal with toys, but have no need to use the toys (i.e. an elderly lady, the local geek, teen-agers, etc). Why not start a website for people to "donate" these toys to a good cause? Looks like CerealGiver.com is still free...
flicken, Apr 12 2003

       Go for it, flicken. Hope you got some money to burn.
snarfyguy, Apr 12 2003

       [snarfyguy] Naah...i'm not going to do the website: i don't even *like* sugar!
flicken, Apr 12 2003


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