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Beethoven's "feel the music" synth

vibration feedback through (digital) piano keys
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I was in the music store today and was trying out some digital piano's. One room was very noisy and the built in sound on the digital piano was turned as loud as it would go. It had decent base which on this compact model was positioned near the keys and one could easily feel the sound through the keys. I was surprised at how much the feedback through my fingers added to the "music connection". So.. my idea is to convey the sound through vibration of the keys to the players fingers. A seperate "power of feedback" control would be handy as you might want to turn it low/off for other reasons e.g. such as it making some amount of unwanted noise itself when you are using headphones trying to be quiet.
justinj, Feb 06 2005

just one example http://www.sensapho...oducts/tactile.html
[JungFrankenstein, Feb 06 2005]


       ``Clever title
tiromancer, Feb 06 2005

       You could rig something up quick and dirty with a few parts from some place like partexpress.com. Mount a little subwoofer plate amp (level control included) and driver inside the organ itself. There are even little devices called "Aura Bass Shakers" sold at that site that are designed for mounting on furniture to add realism to movie soundtracks. They're cheap and only need 25watts - but you'd only get the very lowest frequencies out of them. These are called "tactile transducers". Googling that one will probably tell you much of what is known about what you've got in mind.
JungFrankenstein, Feb 06 2005


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