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2-Wheeled Techno Generator

A little traveling music, maestro!
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One of my favorite styles of music to listen to while riding my motorcycle is techno. Its high energy at times, pensive at times, and often far too energetic when I come to a stop light.

Admittedly, this genre of music when riding lends to me getting in a lot of trouble when police sirens overwhelm the bass-riddled beats in my helmet.

Taking input from several variables, your motorcycle can now put out its own brand of high-octane riding beats when you're flogging it down the twisties on your way back from work, or while on the highway traveling to meet up with your riding buds.

First, user-defined techno elements such as bass beats, drum beats, synth squeaks/noises, prefered tempos and lyrical elements are loaded into the TechGen's black box via data card. For saftey's sake there are only a limted number of dashboard adjustments allowed to the user while riding using the data you've pre-fed into your machine prior to your ride.

Next, inputs from your bike's own ECM come into play as the basic back-beat generating element. Things such as throttle opening from the TPS sensor, engine RPM, rear wheel speed (from the countershaft speed sensor) and Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP sensor input) are used to gauge general engine management characteristics set the stage for the other, more variable inputs.

Now that the background has been laid for the composition, we can start adding even more energy. Sensors placed on the forks to measure suspension travel can determine if and when steering inputs, wheelies, and high-turn loading occur. A small gyroscope placed under the seat measures acceleration and g-loading when stopping, accelerating, cornering, or standing still at a stop light.

This way, when you're really bending it in to the turns, your reward is a high-energy beat that is never off-tempo with the rythm of your riding style. Never again are the savage beats going to throw-off your attention when looking for your turn-in marker, or leave you bored when cruising in traffic or waiting at a stop.

Standard on the TechGen box itself is a 2-slot card reader. Slot "A" is used for loading presets, pre-ride preferences and sampling elements. Card slot "B" is a dedicated recording output so you can hold on to the really nice rides. Since no two rides or compositions are ever the same, you can keep the really good stuff to share with your friends, or keep as part of your permanent collection.

Leave the turntables at home. Get out and mix it up.

Letsbuildafort, Jun 02 2006

Inspiration. speedo_2fheartbeat_...20music_20generator
[monojohmmy] [Letsbuildafort, Jun 02 2006]


       Only thing missing is the ability to let your riding in some manner create the drop/breakdown at the peak of the ride/choon.
calum, Jun 02 2006

       Well, with some dashboard controls, I bet it wouldn't be that tough to do ...
Letsbuildafort, Jun 02 2006

       //Leave the turntables at home// Thanks for the image of the motorcyclist who _doesn't_ leave the turntables at home.
spidermother, Jun 03 2006

       Sometimes I don't. :P
Letsbuildafort, Jun 04 2006

       Generative music - awesome. Videotape your ride, splice it with the audio, instant memories. Of course, the world will be overwhelming when we it's filled with 6 billion individual soundtracks.
epicproblem, Jun 04 2006


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