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Belly Button Hook

A handy place to keep things while naked.
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This is a simple idea, but first, here's a bit of background.

1. My bathroom is on the ground floor, and is directly opposite the entrance to the local swimming baths. There is frosted glass in the window, and a blind, and friends who frequent the baths promise me it is impossible to see anything. Nevertheless, I have a feeling that it may be possible to pick out my outline while I am in the shower. Worrying, although I admit if I really cared I could buy a better blind.

2. For a Christmas present a few years back, I was given a 2-foot long loofah.

Now, this loofah has a nice loop of string (as all loofahs must) so you can hang it on the back of the door when it's not in use. Yesterday, however, I decided that I want to wear it in the shower. I want the loofah to hang frontally, from slightly below waist height. That way, any peeping toms will get the shock of their life when I undo it and use it to scratch my back.

In order to achieve this (admittedly odd) ambition, I need a Belly Button Hook. This should be a simple device with a hook at one end, and something resembling a child's dummy at the other. The dummy bit will fit securely into the belly button, and the hook will poke out so that the happy user can hang things on it, like loofahs, shower gel, Christmas decorations, socks, etc.

A more secure version could have some sort of suction pad for extra security, albeit at the risk of turning the user from an innie to an outie.

moomintroll, Nov 06 2005


       Simple enough to get a belly-button ring, and hang it on that, I would have thought. Or just tie the string around your waist.
DrCurry, Nov 06 2005

       A halfbaked solution to a halfbaked ambition.
wagster, Nov 06 2005

       ...and that's got to be worth a bun, right?   

       Come to think of it, [DrC], the simplest solution would probably to have a longer bit of string and hang it round my neck. But that's not quite the point. Think of all the other possible uses for a belly button hook! If your partner had one, you could connect them up and play Naked Belly Button Hook Team Twister.
moomintroll, Nov 06 2005

       What if you've got an "outie"?
Adze, Nov 06 2005

       i like it. i could hang my suit coat there when i travel by air whilst carrying other luggage via hand grippage
benfrost, Nov 07 2005


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