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Portable handwashing sink

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This device consists of a back-pack mounted water reservoir, tubes, heater (electric or chemically powered), tap, liquid soap dispenser, small basin-shaped sink, plug hole, plug, drain pipe and back-pack mounted waste-water reservoir.

The clean water reservoir is filled from a tap (hopefully some other entrepreneur will post an idea for public water dispensers mounted at head height specially for refilling these reservoirs).

The sink is mounted on a waist belt and is positioned at the front of the body at waist height. Perhaps it could be collapsable, so you could pull the top forward and it would pop into shape. You can press the tap lever, and the water flows under gravity through the tube from the reservoir. The lever also actuates the in-line heater so the water comes out warm. A second lever dispenses soap so you can wash your hands very well. Then, you can shut off the water. To empty the sink, you grasp the edges which incorporate a lever to actuate the drain plug, and you lift the sink unit a few inches upwards, which allows the waste water to drain under gravity into the arse-level under-backpack-mounted wastewater receptacle.

This allows you to wash your hands at any time you want, when you are out and about, without you needing to find facilities.

When your wastewater receptacle is full you can squat in the gutter and pull the wastewater drain cord, allowing the waste water to gush and chunder out of the bottom of the backpack into the drain.

pocmloc, Jun 07 2020


       I think this will actually become a product, but it needs some work by fashion experts which will make it popular in the 2030's.
pashute, Jun 08 2020

       //needs some work by fashion experts// But I already worked on it! Are you saying I'm not a...
pocmloc, Jun 08 2020

       In 2030, solar panels and a techno-sounding filtering will be this gear's fashion accessories.
wjt, Jun 08 2020

       <Are you saying I'm not a...> sorry, I should have asked. Reading the idea again I would like to give it a second bun and wash my previous words off. It is a fantastic idea, doable right now with a folding mylar "magic-sunshade" (the brand name of the Israeli guys that stole the idea from another Israeli and sold the first ones). Call it magic sink.
pashute, Jun 14 2020


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