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Water cost

A water-saving gadget?
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In the not too distant future, water at our taps, we are told, will be a luxury, not a utility, in many countries.

So, there will be a high demand for devices and systems which make a little water go a long way.

Considering apartments only, nearly all the water we use is for keeping ourselves and our pets clean, so that’s a prime area for gadgetry.

So I looked around at water-saving devices already in use, ruling out massive and costly grey-water re-use systems and composting closets.

My built-in random generator flicked up a common form of carpet [rug] cleaner as a starting point

These portable machines typically first blow detergent/steam/moisture into the carpet and after a scrubbing phase, suck most of the wetness back into storage.

To conclude this meandering I visualise a miniaturised version of this machine adapted to clean animals and people as if they are carpets, i.e. with no splash, spill, and minimum water-use, and therefore, waste.

As usual, the devil’s in the details even if the principle is feasible.

The Devil might like a powered fang-brush with a blow-suck supply of his favourite battery acid for example.

rayfo, Dec 14 2000


       From Planet New Zealand where we're embarrassed to have too much of everything, hence we export most of it including clever young people, two of them winning Nobel prizes. Not bad for a [recent only!] 3.5 million population. Come and join us. We have to make up for the brain-drain.
rayfo, Dec 17 2000

       "More than enough" saline, anyway. I'm glad you happen to live by the shore and don't mind that crusty salt feel, but I doubt most of us would find that solution acceptable.
egnor, Dec 20 2000

       [Ps, egnor] The ice caps are fresh water, aren't they, at least the part made from snow/glaciers, so we just need to drink them before they melt into the oceans.
pottedstu, Sep 21 2001


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