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Below-windowsill winter refrigerator

Dig a hole under the windowsill and cover the space under it by a refrigerator's-like door
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Add some shelves. When the winter comes, you can use it as a supplementary or a substitute space for storing your products.

|W...........| P
|a............| A
|l...shelf1...| R
|l.............| T
....< HOLE...| I
|W...........| T
|a...shelf2..| I
|l.............| O
|l.............| N

The HOLE in the wall fills the space with cold air in the winter.

This PARTITION has a thermo-resistant door.

Inyuki, Nov 03 2007

Passive Solar Design http://en.wikipedia...lar_building_design
I like it, and it reminds me of some of the ideas found in passive solar design. [zen_tom, Nov 03 2007]


       nice text diagram - are all those dots frozen peas?
xenzag, Nov 03 2007

       Very socially responsible. Not only do you save the environment, but you make it easy for those who are poor to buy proper food but too ashamed to beg to avail themselves of nourishment during the colder months. [+][+]*
*If I could
vincevincevince, Nov 03 2007

       Just by virtue of air being cooled against the window and dropping down to surround the refrigerator, would make it much more efficient.   

       There might even be a way to control airflows such that you don't even need a powered refrigerator.   

       It sort of reminds me of a solar chimney, where the sun is used to create an airflow that cools the house.
zen_tom, Nov 03 2007

       It reminds me of living in an old dorm building and keeping food on the windowsill in winter. It does work.
baconbrain, Nov 03 2007

       Winter refrigeration in a cold box is not new. There is an ongoing article in Popular Mechanics about a gentleman who lives off the power grid. One of the items they described at one point was a box that they would install over the door of a small porch off the kitchen that was configured like a refrigerator/freezer. Not a new idea, though I fail to understand the point of the below windowsill part.
jhomrighaus, Nov 03 2007


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